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I went outside my house and sat inside my car parked on the drive way in the dark night. I was wearing my bathrobe or not dressed up so I would be embarrassed if anyone saw me. A neighbor who is friends with my ex (and lives a couple doors down) backed out of his driveway and drove past me. When he did so, his car headlights were shining on me so he saw me.

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Re: Driveway

My impression of the dream is you have something under consideration but are not sure what to do. There is a lot of indecision. You are weighing the consequences and know a wrong decision could lead to embarrassment. There is also secrecy involved. Your senses are telling you one thing but emotionally you want to do another. You know the chances are not good this would work if you carry through with it and it could cause serious problems. There is a matter of needing to feel accepted/appreciated that drives to even consider doing this.


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