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[LONG] Don't know if this is a dream or AP or what -- "Under Antarctica"

Alright, so for a bit of background which is just to vet my dream/AP experience:

I accidentally AP'ed one time around 12 years ago (think i was 17 at the time). Full on pop-out from meditative breathing by myself to cool down after getting ****** off with some bible thumpers at a catholic high school retreat, with no intention of this happening (or actually any knowledge of AP at the time).

After that point it took me the greater part of a year to figure out what the HELL happened because I had no base in any of this type of stuff. After I was helped by a particular dream community I became an active dream interpreter on the forum, lucid dreamer, etc etc.

Now this was all years ago and I haven't done much of anything within the past 5-8 years, and I've never tried to AP again.

So here is the deal, I'm really confused about this 'dream' I had about a week ago and haven't been able to shake it. It happened after I went to sleep for sure though.

So I am in a very large concrete bunker like thing that has walls so high they kind of disappear into the darkness, but I don't feel trapped. I am being led around by a man and he's talking but nothing he is saying I can hear at this moment. We are basically taking "a tour" of sorts.

We walk down a long ramp, then several other smaller switch-back ramps to arrive on the large main floor. There are some people around, kind of scattered among the large metal "pipe" of sorts, they look to be GIANT (like 6 ft high) pieces of the metallic tubing that goes from the dryer into the dryer vent (sorry that's the only way I can describe them).

These are around the room in various sizes like boulders. People are just kind of doing mundane stuff like unrolling sleeping bags or sitting on sleeping bags and talking, normal stuff.

The man is still walking me around, and I am realizing that it feels like I'm with a group, like there are other people behind me, but I never in the dream turn around to check for whatever reason. I ask where we are to the man and he replies that we are in an "old [__can't remember__], under Antarctica". It was underwater (something I just knew, no reason for it). I realize then it is cold, the people around all seem to be covered up in some way or another in warm clothing, but oddly it seems everyone is in 1 piece of a warm layer, and the other piece is base layer (ie: tanktop/skipants, jacket/gym shorts).

I also realize I have no idea how I got here, it seems very sealed off with no doors. The ramp we came down doesn't particularly seem to go anywhere, certainly not an exit. I also feel that I'm being given the tour as a newcomer to what seems to be some sort of community. [survivor community?]

So I am given this tour, feel safe and everything [my memory of this part is sketchy], I think I set up a sleeping bag and talk to a couple people [...]

Something has happened and I now can feel a bit of anxiety kind of buzzing about. [...] I'm next to the man who gave me the tour (who's some type of leader) brings me to this wall and puts his hand on it, and it starts cranking upwards like the metal gates that roll up when a street store opens up. I say out loud "a secret door" with a mild awe behind my voice. I follow the wall "rolling up" but not actually seeing an opening, my eyes are following the thing up [...]

I am sitting on the ground with my back against a wall at the end of the first long ramp. The other people are scattered about on the ramps as well, all kind of crouched down. I remember thinking it truly had the feeling of a refuge camp now, there was a sort of sadness.

This girl around my age comes over and is smiling and talking to me, she has on red shorts and a grey thin fleece-like jacket on. She is smiley and just generally bubbly. I cannot hear anything she is saying. There is an intensely rising feeling of want/need/love in me. I know her some how. She sits down next to me and this feeling is almost unbearable, I cannot breath, I gasp and grab her, pulling her towards me quickly and

I'd describing waking up as being almost violently woken up or startled awake. My heart is pounding.

All of this is weird but could still be a dream but what has gotten me is that that **feeling** I had right at the end is like nothing I've ever felt in my life before ever. I have loved and lusted but nothing has even been 1/10 of this feeling for this girl.

This is uncharacteristic of anything on the level of my normal dream states or even lucid dreams, not this feeling. Which leaves me with my question:

Have any sort of experience with this sort of thing or heard of something like it? I mean the fact that he said "Antarctica" so specifically pins this down to a sort of "known world", but could it be somewhere in a string theory type of dimension, or some sort of time-shift AP, or just some new type of dream for me?

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Re: [LONG] Don't know if this is a dream or AP or what -- "Under Antarctica"

Astral Projection {AP} is not something I work with nor have a great belief in. Not to say there isn't something to it but as long as we can only assume the existence of an "astral body", separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it, and not have concrete science to support it, I focus my attention to those things we can prove. Dreams are a science and Jung has provided the tools to understand and interpret them.

As for your dream. My sense is the dream is focusing on primary principles that are from early life and are unconscious motivators in your life. The concrete bunker in the beginning of the dream {which normally points to the primary message of the dream} represents a 'reinforced underground shelter'. This would point to a sheltering of emotional energies that have become unconscious to protect you from experiences/influences that now motivate your conscious life {or aspects of it}. You are being led by these unconscious energies/motivators and may have had a recent experience that involved them. The tour could be your dreams focusing on these motivators and the source for them. I do get the sense you have some type of conscious awareness of some aspect of what these energies are. It could involve a hot temper, letting the energies take over your normal self. There are strong motivators in your unconscious and usually these type energies come from early life experiences and influences. I sense from the dream you possess these strong energies that have become the ground for your personality and motivate much of how you live life.

As for interpreting the images and how I got to this impression.
*Concrete bunker-unconscious contents that 'lead' you in your conscious life
*high walls-barriers to recognizing the unconscious contents {usually constructed by the ego}
*being led by a man-this would be the 'man' or primary lead in your life. It could point to an actual person, a father or a person who had a 'Giant' influence in your early life
*tour-this could be the natural evolution of the psyche where unconscious contents begin to expose themselves. This normally happens at mid-life.
*ramp-descending to the lower levels of the unconscious
*main floor-your primary grounding in life. Those experiences/influences that are the primary forces to your personality. This would come from early life.
*dryer and vent-a need to deal with your emotions, venting whatever the energies are that motivate/control conscious actions
* People doing mundane stuff - this is going about life not aware of the unconscious energies
*under Antarctica-under the influence of the 'polar regions' of the psyche. Cold emotional influences
*underwater-unconscious contents
*something I just knew, no reason for it-unconscious knowledge
*1 piece of a warm layer, and the other piece is base layer-I see this as one motivating factor in general that influences your psyche
*I have no idea how I got here, it seems very sealed off with no doors-again, unconscious influences from early life experiences on conscious actions. Consciously unaware of the influences {no doors}
*tour as a newcomer to what seems to be some sort of community-becoming aware, or recent experiences that make you aware of actions on your part that are part of the 'anxiety community' within your psyche.
*Something has happened and I now can feel a bit of anxiety-this may point to recent experience{s} that cause emotional response from the unconscious motivators
*the metal gates that roll up when a street store opens up-strong {metal} unconscious forces that 'open up' into conscious actions. Again, you may be aware of your actions but not the reasons for them
*sitting on the ground with my back against a wall-the ground is the foundation of your being

The wall is the barriers that prevent you from understanding the motivators
*The last part about the girl is probably addressing anima aspects. see next notation
*an intensely rising feeling of want/need/love in me-this is the anima, a need for love {feminine aspect}. This is something you lack in life {especially from early life} and need to pull those unconscious factors to consciousness so you can find love 'for and within yourself'.

There are many images pointing to unconscious contents and barriers in your dream. Also unconscious motivators. Either your early life lacked something essential to a healthy psyche later in life, or/and there were particular experiences responsible for/motivate conscious actions as an adult.
As for AP. You may have felt like you were experiencing an out-of-body experience but that could be explained by conscious awareness of unconscious contents. The out-of-body is actually an inner body experienced being felt by conscious awareness {or a need for it}. A need for a projection of unconscious contents to conscious awareness. Until the unconscious motivators are recognized, understood and reconciled, they will continue to influence/control your life.


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