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Fan dreams

I dreamt that, I made out with a strange man I didn't know. It was enjoyable but odd as I knew he wasn't my partner.

Then the dream changed completely and I was performing a dance, like tai chi, kung fu and I was really enjoying it.
I was wearing red clothes, lie deep red ruffle baggy trousers and a loose top. Same colour.

The most prominent part of the dream was a RED FAN WITH GOLD WRITING DOWN THE SPINE.



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Re: Fan dreams

Jung theorized {and I have found it to be generally true} that all dreams have at least two meanings/applications. Usually one would focus on current waking life stresses/experiences and the other a deeper focus on motivators to actions/personality traits formed from earlier life experiences {the later would influence the former}. In your dream I sense a waking experience or immediate desire/need but also a deeper focus to do with the inner self {psychological}. Only you could know the recent event since it is a personal experience in your life. The other possibilities usually fall within the parameters of universal possibilities. Since you are a male and it is a male you were making out with it could have to do with 'shadow' aspect {on an archetypal level}. Here is my assessment.

Dreams often depict desires and that should also be considered. To make out with a strange man may reflect a desire to do just that {although dreams seldom speak in literal terms}. It would be a better possibility {to make out with a strange man} if there are problems with your current partner. Or it could be merely a hidden/forbidden desire which we all have at some time in life.

On a deeper level the strange man would represent an unfamiliar/unknown aspects within yourself. Because it is a male then it could reflect a shadow aspect. Making out would suggest a more inimate desire with your inner self {aspects that make up personality/basic traits}. This is an unknown aspect which may suggest an unconscious {an aspect that has emotional energies that could motivate you to do one thing or another, unconsciously}. Knowing it was not your partner may suggest it is not a normal aspect of your everyday life.

The dance could be a release of emotional energies but thetype dance may be a self defense act {perhaps not done consciously}. It would be something that fits with who you are {enjoyable-pleasing the true self}.

Clothes usually point to the persona/outer ego self. Red could have many possible meanings. Red could represent passion or anger, sexuality or the symbol for life.
Everything red would be significant to the meaning possibly a description of your whole being. Being loose fitting may point to detachment {not aware of unconscious aspects and possible motivations}.

Fans create currents and in dreams it would have to do with emotional currents. Desire is an emotional that could fit. But deeper aspects could also apply. Whatever the red symbolizes is the key.

The spine is the backbone of your personality/basic self {the foundations your life is built on}. Gold is the color of something very valuable {emotionally}. Writing may point to communications to the conscious mind. A function of dreams is to communicate emotional conflicts or energies that need conscious attention.

The master is the inner master {such images usually point to inner aspects}. The sword can represent the male genitalia and other male aspects. It also can represent will power or ambition. Finishing the dance on foot may suggest an ability to liberate {dance} oneself {being in control}.

There is a sense of accomplishment/achievement. The 'currents' that motivate you are no longer active. The true self {Gold} is glowing.

Put it all together and you get.....?
How strong is your libido? Sexuality may play a role in current waking life experiences. Unconsciously that could be from unconscious motivations from earlier life/inherent aspects {foundations}. The red color is key to understanding the whole dream.Passion, anger, sexuality. What is important to you at this time in your life? What are the reasons for it to be important? The first question you may be able to answer by comparing your waking life to the possible meaning{s} of the red color. The second may require a deeper inspection of your psyche {psychology}. That would go to the motivators to your personality and who you are at this stage of life.


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Re: Fan dreams

Hi Jerry. This was an amazing reply. It's given me much to think about.

And yes a lot of if makes sense, gives good insight into what's happening in my life and where I am at.

Do you have a chat forum or e-mail address I could converse with you at ?

I have always been interested in dreams, I am well know in my social an familial circle fou prophetic dreams.
It's somehing I have been fascinated with since I was a child.

There is one dream I remember from 3 years old that although I can remember vividly?

No one has ever really made me feel I have found the meaning. Although maybe I'm not meant to.

I dream in colour, clarity, can often choose to come out of them if they get too much.

I used to be able call up abilities and people and ask them questions but this has faded, no doubt it's still in there.

Thanks again,


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29, UK, Kent

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