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Break up dreams

My boyfriend explained a dream-

Him and I were at an outside subway station. It was raining. I said to him in the dream
"I can't do this anymore, im leaving you"

I began to cry and won't stop and than it started to rain; it was like a thunderstorm outside. He said it was just gloomy and gray

Then he asked with a heavy heart
"Did you cheat on me?"
And I continued to cry and didn't answer...

Then he said that I kept asking him
"Can you here me?"

Then he woke up...

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Re: Break up dreams

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The Dream
It is important to understand his dream is about his emotions. You are a part of those emotions.
My sense is the dream is focused on anxieties {his} about the relationship}. Rain in the sense it is used in this dream is symbolic of 'sad' emotions. There may be fears of a possible end to the relationship {you saying you are leaving him} but it could also be his inner feminine self {anima} self saying he wants these type of feelings to end. That would fit with "I can't do this anymore". The subway station represent unconscious aspects {anything underground points to unconscious aspects}. He may now be wary of the relationship {his true feelings as all dreams demonstrate}.

Crying is a release of emotions. It probably points to actual experiences where you were crying but also could point again to his inner feminine aspects, a need for him to release emotions. Thunderstorms represent strong emotions {usually negative} and the outside would be the conscious ego. He may say it is a tough situation {the relationship} but inside may feel it is worst than ust tough {again, his true emotions}.

"Did you cheat on me" could be a real suspicion but more likely is focusing on his inner self that feels he may be cheating on you for not being completely honest about his emotions. He is unsure of how to respond to these feelings {didn't answer}. Again, the dream is will point to actual conscious experiences involving you but would also {and primarily} address his emotional self.

He keeps asking himself of his true feelings. It could primarily be about the relationship but also could point to confusion on his part, he can't hear himself clearly {he is unsure of something involving his emotions}. I sense this is what the dream is about. He is not sure of his true emotions {confused} and may not be forthcoming letting his true emotions out. It may be wise to talk to him about his true emotions without being emotional yourself. Get him to open up.


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