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Dream about crushes parents?

Okay so I've been in love with a guy named Fletcher for about a year now. He's very attractive, funny, but kind of a douche sometimes. (I've only directly talked to him once because he makes me so nervous) Anyway...I know of his parents and I know their names and what they look like and all of that. I've had two dreams. In one dream I tracked down my absent father and discovered that he was Fletcher's dad. He brought me home to his wife (also Fletcher's mom) and told her that I was his daughter. She was rightfully mad as I am 17 and he's been married to her for 25 years (so infidelity was involved.)
In another dream I had he was also my father but his wife (Fletcher's mother) was my biological Mother and we were all a big happy family with Fletcher and his two brothers also being my brothers. My (Fletcher's) mom was looking through a photo album and I said "Do you have any picture's of daddy?" and she smiled and showed me some of when he was a punk in the 80's. My (Fletcher's) mom was very warm and smiley and when she held me I felt safe and I remember her smelling really good.

What does this mean?

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Re: Dream about crushes parents?

The first dream seems to be addressing issues to do with fathers and mothers. Being Fletcher's dad may be saying something the two have in common or, something you sense in Fletcher that reminds you of your dad {the douche aspect possibly}. Your dad bringing you home to his wife may be direct to feelings to d with the 'other woman' in his life. Being Fletcher's mom may again suggest something you sense or feel about Fletcher. You would be a daughter in respect to your dad in the dream, and in the relationship with Fletcher there would be the same experiences. The she {mother} would be you, you turn into the mother, a mature self. The 25 years statement may also apply to real life experiences {how long were your parents married?}. The subject of the dream may well be infidelity. Could it be you sense or fear infidelity with Fletcher, his attitude being influenced by a father like your own {metaphorically speaking}. But it could also point to unfounded suspicions. Let's see what the second dream has to offer.

This dream seems to be stating if the relationship involved your real mother everything about the relationship would be 'a big happy family'. Your mother {I sense you appreciation/approval for her} is Fletcher's mother which would give both of you the benefits of the same experiences {is your relationship with your mother positive?}. Everything related to family issues are the same. Remembrances of your father show a 'punk', perhaps a reference to more than just a remembrance. In this instance your mother may be pertaining to you as a mother, 25 years hence. Again, sensory issues about Fletcher you may want to consider.

As for being Fletcher's mom. There may be aspects about his real mother you feel good about. But my sense is the dream is pointing to a need to be like your mom. Fletcher needs a mom like yours and as a husband and father that would make him different than your dad. You state in your post you have only directly talked to him once. Does that mean you have not actually met him? If he makes you nervous, what is that about? And his sometimes being a douche. Doesn't that say something about hos personality, something that may make you suspicious {or should}? My sense of the dream, and the fact you are 17, and from your comments about actually talking with Fletcher, is there are things you may intuitively sense or feel that are not right. The same dads. The same mothers {the mothers being the positive aspects for both}. I would be careful in how you go about this relationship. The dream may be a warning not to get too emotionally involved with someone who reminds you of your dad. In the opening of the dream you are 'tracking' down your father. The tracks he has laid may be similar to what you sense in Fletcher. Intuitive senses are more trustworthy than emotional ones. Also from the previous posted dream STRANGE dream-what does it mean I get the sense you are a very impressional girl. That may require a lot of caution on your part if it fits.

If you will clarify the comments about only have spoken to Fletcher once. If it is a true statement then nothing more is needed. If I misunderstood the comment it mat be relevant.


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