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3 dogs nearly killing a bear in my dream

I am without a job now and will meet a company for a final agreement.
My wife and I are trying to have a kid.

In the dream, I am talking to someone in some sort of nature house or summer house.
In the background, 3 giant dogs are playing (white, black and brown.
At some point I become aware that they are actually fighting something.
That thing turned out to be a bear.

We take the dogs off and the bears runs off, only to appear and collapse beside some car (no my car! Mine is red, this car.is dark green)

When I woke up from the dream I was thinking I should call a vet (but dismiss that thought as it frightens me) and I go get water for the bear to recuperate.

This freaked me out strong enough to chase me to this forum in the middle of the night

Any interpretation? Or thoughts?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39 from Israel, living in moscow, currently on vacation to greece

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Re: 3 dogs nearly killing a bear in my dream

A short dream with a long interpretation. But first the advertisement.

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First let me state the primary language in dreams is one of symbol and metaphor. I know this concept of Jungian psyche to be true from the many dreams I have analyzed {with success} at this Dream Forum. Another concept about dreams forwarded by Jung is your dreams are about you and your emotions {psychology}. Emotions not only to do with issues in your current life but also the deeper aspects of personality and motivations for who you are and why you are that person. There are always two meanings/applications to each dream as well as each dream image/action. Usually there is a primary focus on one with the second meaning focusing to a lesser extend on the other{s}. From the added info you provided and a quick look at the dream I suspect this dream is focusing on current issues. A thorough inspection of the dream will clarify if this is the case.

I had provided added suggestions about the title of the dream but will post that in a separate post. This was as much for my benefit as is for your understanding of the dream. I am always trying to discover new things about the dream and from working with many thousands of dreams over the years I have found many where the title is very relevant to the dream's intended message. From what I provide from my analysis of your dream, I will compare that to the title and what I see in it. I'll look for patterns, the same way I look for patterns in the dream {that reveal what the dream message is as well as patterns of behavior the dreamer possesses}.

The Dream
The person you are talking to {universal application of the dream} is an inner dialog with yourself. We all do this in our thinking process when awake. We also do it in our dreams. The difference is the waking ego tends to have a biased approach whereas the dream is objective and truthful. In the dream the conversation is truthful and the part of the discussion would be about objectively looking at the emotions involved.

First paragraph {which usually sets the tone for what the dream message is}.
The house is you {universal}. A nature or summer house could represent your true self {natural self} and/or personal achievement, wisdom, progression {summer}. Summer is the time of month we usually get things done {buying a house, a car, getting out instead of being held in}.
You are in dialog about your true feelings to do with achievements and progressing in your life {new job, having a baby?}.

It is in the background, your unconscious, where the action is taking place. 3 dogs are playing, one consciously driven {white}, one unconsciously driven {black}, and one that is instinctively driven. These are playing in/on your mind. The conscious driven aspect would have to do with personal endeavors {perhaps associated with the new job opportunity}. The unconscious driven aspect would the motivators to personality and how you act/react to experiences in life. The instinctive aspect would be letting your natural self {dogs} play a role in decision making. The wisdom aspect which comes as much from as experiences in life.

Certain aspects of these things that are on/in your mind are in conflict {fighting}. What personal conflicts are you having in the immediate changes that are occurring in your waking life? Unconsciously these things would be influenced by the motivators to your personality {which come from early life experiences/influences, those that shaped your psyche and are the foundations of who you are in the present}

It turned out to be a bear. The cycle of life, having a child, supporting a family, the stresses of achieving these things are playing on your mind {a definite reality according to the added info your provided}. But what deeper issues are there? The number 3 probably indicates there are at least three aspects of your changing life that are in conflict.

Taking the dogs off could suggest you need to 'take off the emotional fears' and let the aggressive nature of the changes you are facing take flight. But because of your human nature {and perhaps personality traits} the ability to do this 'completely' collapses. On a personality level there may have been influences in early life that motivate you to be less secure {fighting dogs} about yourself in certain situations {or in general}. Look at your personality and see if this fits. If so, being aware of it can help you in the future.

The car is yours, but not the one you believe is yours {cars are a universal symbol for the direction, the path in life you are on or have chosen}. The bear {the aggressive nature} collapses when you let the emotional self {red car} take charge instead of looking to the progressive aspect of your natural self {green car-green a symbol for growth}. The dream is communicating the need to let go of the old self {red car} and let the positive, progressive nature within you lead you down the path in which you should be going {the natural progression in life cycle, one lead by objectivity and progression and not of emotional fears/red car}.

I am confused about the last paragraph. You state when you awoke from the dream your thoughts were to call a vet. Is that actually what happened, you awoke thinking to do this? Either way i sense it is a statement of truth associated with the stresses in your life. Dismissing it could be a natural reaction to a fear {personality} of the healing process needed in the unconscious {water} so you can recuperate from the inner 'fighting/emotional conflicts'. That would go to underlying issues of personality, one I see as a secondary issue in this dream {but one that will likely surface in other dreams}. It would be addressing a need for the recuperation of the waking issues you are currently confronting {job opportunity, having a baby}.

My sense of the dream is you are having to face a lot of stress in your life and are fighting those {a natural event for most people}. But because you felt it necessary to understand what the dream is about, there are likely deeper issues involved. We have named two, the job opportunity {the dog in that fight} and the desire to have a baby. These are life changing events which in itself could very well be the third issue. Mid-life is as much an unconscious experience as it is a conscious one {we all go through the 'changes', unconsciously}. Because there is an urgency to understand the dream my sense is there are underlying personality issues at 'play'. Future dreams will focus on those, especially as you continue to get closer to the mid-life stage {the cycles of life} . At 39 you are late in doing things that normally are done much earlier in life. That may be a part of the stress/fears you are fighting {unconsciously}. Consciously you are obviously progressing but unconsciously the motivators may be pulling at you.

My sense of the dream {one in which I took the long path in analyzing} is you are under a lot of stress with the impending changes facing you. One dog that is in conflict/fight {that represents your human nature/natural cycle} is your new job opportunity. The second would be trying to have a baby. This seems to be a conscious decision but one fraught with many unknowns {welcome to the world of parenthood}. The third, and this one could have additional applications in your waking life} is the age in which all this is occurring. At 39 you are right at that stage cycle of the mid life. Contrary to what some may think, this is a real thing {so called mid-life crisis}. It is a natural stage of life that is as much unconsciously true and has associations to Jung's archetypes {those inherent drives we all are born with}. The emotional aspects of our human condition are affected by experiences and influences in life {especially early life}. But there are energies that come from nature and when the cycle gets to a certain stage it becomes an unconscious influence in our conscious lives {just as do the early life experiences/influences that help form our personalities}. This dream is a prelim to future dreams that will take you deeper into yourself with a focus on the unconscious motivators. If you ever wonder why a person acts or thinks a certain way, look to their early life and find the motivators that lay the foundations for who they become in later life. Pretty much a common sense approach. In reality that is the Jungian approach, nature's approach. Objective thinking vs emotions. My motto is 'think psychologically, live spiritually'. Karma will do the rest {cause and effect}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: 3 dogs nearly killing a bear in my dream

Here is the my thoughts on the dream title.

Dream Title
Often dream titles provide clues to what the dream is about. The first clue to the dream would be the number 3. Numbers always have 'important' meaning{s}. The number 3 is often indicative of actual experiences in the waking life, something recent that had emotional energies, as well as symbolic of energies that have universal associations {which means they are set applications the number 3 would symbolize}. The waking experiences are usually something only the dreamer could recognize since they are personal. It is the symbolic value of any dream image/action that can be successfully interpreted. The universal meaning of the number 3 {in Jungian psyche} would be of something not yet complete {the number 4 represent wholeness/completion}. The number would be applicable to your emotional life {as well as your waking life}. Something not yet complete/finished/whole that needs your attention so you can make it so {in spite of the negative forces that may inhibit you from doing so}.

The second image would be the dogs. Dogs on a personal level can represent loyalty, security, and faithfulness. All 'three' of these possibilities are generally applicable to each of our lives and could fit with current waking life experiences. Universally dogs often represent our animal nature {instead of our true nature}. Humans are emotional beings and dogs in a dream would represent the natural inclination of our human emotional response to life.

Killing is not an actual killing in terms of a real death. It represents putting an end to something, killing off something that needs to end in your emotional life.

Bears can represent the cycle of life. They are aggressive creatures and in this context may indicate human actions to do with an aggressive nature. They could signify a moment in your life that requires self-analysis and deep thought to do with an experience in dealing with this type aggressive behavior.

From the title, and before we get into the meat of the dream, the marque is 'an incomplete {unknown} aspect about yourself to do with your human nature {personal emotional aspects/qualities} that need to come to an end so to confront an aggressive situation in your life'. Let's see how that plays with the actual dream


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Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Cocoa, Fl

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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