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Mother dying/getting attacked

so i was dropped off in the middle of some place by people who beat the **** out of me and cut all my hair off. i walked to dunkin donuts somehow and knocked on my moms car window (that was in the parking lot) and she was in there and looked horrified and started hysterically crying. she asked who did this to me and if it was people from the internet and i said i didn't know. we got home and i looked outside and saw neighborhood kids and i got such a bad feeling i was like f*ck they saw me. then i saw 2 men holding guns come up to the door and i answered it for some reason and i was like why are you here and they said "i'm here to take you to your real parents" and i said "b*ll****" and they were like "yeah! were actually here to blast your f*ckin heads off" and my mom was crying. i was in front of her, i put an arm in front of her, and shut the door + locked it and put a key in the top lock. i pushed my body against the door and they kept unlocking it somehow so i had to keep fumbling with the lock so they couldn't open it. i was struggling to keep my weight against the door and she came up and did the lock thing while i pinned pushed myself against the door. there would be moments where they would get the lock open and open the door and i was up against the door and managed to push it closed+lock it each time. they left and so i went to my room and packed like 4 things and came downstairs. i noticed some more men with guns walking up to the step and my mom said maybe its the police and before i could yell "no" she opened the door and got shot in the face. i wasn't there to protect her and i started crying and thinking about how the bracelet i decided to grab wasn't that f*cking important. they kidnapped me and took me away to some basement where there were tons of other people there, some of them dead and there were a few skeletons sitting in various corners.

p.s sorry for posting my dreams every day i just get so curious as to what they're about and you always seem to decode them wonderfully.

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Re: Mother dying/getting attacked

Before I analyze this dream I need feedback on the two previous dreams I have interpreted. To better understand your dreams knowing what parts I have analyze fit with your life will help understand this dream.


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