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Being accused and resuced

Hi Jerry,

I've had a dream today and would like an interpretation please.

I'm in a somewhat big hall/shop (well it starts off as a hall) I see some of my community friends sitting down.

I remember one of my uncle's, who tells me to hit the cricket ball with the cricket bat I have given behind my friends back. I miss the ball and tell a lie that I have hit it. A lady from my old school (who I haven't seen in 9 years) then accuses me in front of everyone and I just move one.

I then remember the same place is now a toy shop, which I see someone on my left a couple of metres away in the next aisle which I throw something aggressively towards them and all of a sudden, there are power rangers which I am fighting off.

I see my sister, who is there to help me and is helping me as I am succeeding in this fighting off as I am fighting myself.

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Re: Being accused and resuced


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I will break down the symbols {dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor} and let you put the pieces together. I don't believe that will be hard to do. Together they should fit with your life.

First Paragraph
**Hall-Connection to emotions/attitudes working to find self harmony {this is a function of dreams-helping resolve emotional conflicts}
**Community friends sitting down-A positive aspect but there with insecurities {waking life is positive but there are unconscious aspects that cause insecurities/deficiencies in personality}

Second Paragraph
**Uncle -Either actual person or characteristics you identify with a particular individual which are projected aspects of yourself. Could represent related issues to do with 'inner family' of emotions.
**Cricket ball-Aspects that are covered up and heavily guarded by ego so not to cause emotional pain {read first paragraph of the definition of cricket ball}.
**Cricket bat-Could repressed content in your unconscious that may be associated with some early traumatic experience. May symbolize male sexuality or aggressiveness.
**lie-lying to yourself about something that you know is wrong {unconscious contents that you could also be consciously aware of if not repressed}
**lady from old school-past emotional experiences. Possible real past experience although generalized people usually represent aspects of yourself}
**accuse-unfavorable contents
**front-ego personality. how one perceives oneself or wants to perceive unconscious contents {that are covered up}
**move one-one step forward in self discovery. by analyzing your dreams you become aware of unconscious aspects. This is a common inclusion in dreams

Third Paragraph
**Toy shop-Could represent unconscious contents that are 'toying' with your emotions
**left-true self
**throwing-unconscious contents to consciousness would bring about aggressive emotional pain
**power rangers-powerful emotions held in by force

Fourth Paragraph
**Sister-feminine qualities/emotions. Actual sister. Fighting off unconscious contents within you. Is your sister someone who is close to you and/or has helped you in the past? Or perhaps shared in some experiences that this dream is addressing?

My take from the dream is, there are early life experiences that were either traumatic or possessed strong emotional energies that have been 'covered up' or repressed due to the emotional pain they would cause if you let them out. It could have involved an uncle {but that image could be purely symbolic}. The lady from the past could be real also but often such images are symbolic even though they could involve real 'past' experiences.


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