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Very freaky dream

ok so i had a dream me n bf was tgthr face to face n he was building a new home for me n him n i cld see the fresh wood cut n built so clearly n the sun was shining down so then the dreamed turned into an absolute nightmare i saw these dead ppl in a basement it was as if they were once famous or entertainers n then a dead looking man with dirty gray looking hair which looked like he was once a blonde came over to me n attacked me n bit my neck n an eye symbol was engraved into my neck wen he bit me n i waa trying to get him off n i actually ripped his head off wen i was trying to push him away but before tht happened he said smthin bout the singer Madonna smthin bout imma be like her or it was smthin related to Madonna n i saw flashes of her n so then i appeared at this table holding a gold/gray/black glittered star n it was in my palm n then i noticed i was dressed in those same colors n i looked like a celebrity then woke up

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Re: Very freaky dream

I am going to ask you to resubmit the dream and use proper sentence structure {periods at end of sentence and before new sentence}. Also the abbreviation of the letter n at different places in the dream post. I am not sure what some might mean. Dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor but more importantly when interpreting a dream I look for certain patterns to emotional energies. If the dialog is continuous as you posted it that makes it difficult to analyze. I don't like to make guesses about a dream image since all images have something specific to say. I will be more than happy to provide an interpretation but I need as much about the dream as it unfolded to provide a proper analysis.


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