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help me please

What does this mean? I had a dream last night that has me kind of disturbed. It started with me walking with my wife and daughter to a friends house. The sky was dark and almost had an ashy look to it. We made it to my friends house and sat around his living room. He asked me about my tatoos and I looked down at my arms to discover I had a few new tats. A couple of them were random and didnt have much significant meaning to me. So I focused my attention on one on my right wrist. It was a paragraph of obsene words/symbols and in the dead center of all of it was the phrase "tois le rois 7" . I showed this to my friend as he smiled in a very creepy way and I woke up. I almost instantly grabbed my phone and google translated tois le rois from french to english because the phrase sounded french to me. It turns out the closest translation was "all the kings" will someone please help me figure out the symbolic meaning of all this?

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Re: help me please

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The Dream

The friend's house would be symbolic of a positive aspect of yourself, the house is you and the friend is something positive within you. Your wife and daughter in a symbolic sense a 'completion' of yourself {there are probably associations to real life experiences but you would need to fit that with the dream images}. The dark sky may represent 'dark horizons' and that would point to unconscious negative feelings you have despite your general positive outlook on life {you, wife and daughter at friend's house}. The living room is a room of life, your life as you live it, unconsciously {unconscious stimuli being the motivators of your personality and life}. The tattoos are imprintations etched into your psyche {skin/fabric}. The new tats may represent recent 'new experiences' and/or realizations that caused you to focus on this 'friend's house'. The right wrist would/could represent an innate ability to bring excitement and be productive in your ego life {right represents the outer self, left the inner self}. The translation of 'tois le rois 7' is 'the three kings'. A king would represent success and the process of rising to power in your personal and/or work life. The three could be three aspects that are related to this success. The smile is a positive reaction but the creepy aspect may suggest an unease or fear. The number three is also symbolic {in Jungian psyche} of not being complete or whole. This would point to unconscious tendencies to do with foundations and motivators in your personality and life.

My sense is the dream is pointing to your general positive outlook in life and possible success {expectations} but with an unconscious unease/fear of possibly something going wrong. This unease/fear would be a product of your personality, imprintations {tattoos} that were formed from early life experiences/influences are just now beginning to show themselves {new tattoos}. You are at that stage in early adulthood where expectations are high but so are responsibilities. Because of early life influences there are negative motivators that unconsciously cause fear of possible failure. If you look back to your childhood you will probably see reasons for this. Parenting is a big factor to a child's foundations of personality and outlook on life. Also conditions in which you lived life in your early years. Expectations, fears of possible failure may have been a part of how life evolved in your childhood. Something motivates us all to do things in certain ways.

Also there is a good possibility of a recent experience that brought this fear/unease to the surface. The process of 'rising to power' may have something to do with it. Possible job promotions or expectations of moving up in life. It involves your whole family, literally and symbolically {symbolic in that you possess both an outer family with wife and children and an inner family of emotions}. One is related to the other, the inner family that is not complete {3} affects the emotions which has bearing on the outer family and life. What recent experiences have there been that caused an 'unease' for you? It could be as much to do with imprinting/influences of personality as it does the situation itself.


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