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I have many dreams that I remember. This dream has stuck with me. It happened last week but is still very clear in my mind.

I was with a friend and we we're walking outside. 2 wolves appeared ( one white and one black) and w we're a little Leary of them but I knew they meant no harm. they came up to me and wanted me to follow them. my friend stayed behind. They lead me through a Forrest to a clearing. there we're two main wolves the ones that I saw first they we're also the alpha pair. One was black and the other was white. I could feel the presents of wolves surrounding me. They started speaking with me telepathically. They told me that I was a part of their pack 2 lifetimes ago and that I still had the same eyes (my eye color is a very light blue/grey) then one smelled me and told me I was pregnant with twins one boy and one girl) they said that because I used to be wolf that I was closest to their species and was the only human that could help them. They said it was all part of the plan.

Any insight would be wonderful and it's great to share!


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Re: Wolves

First the advertisement. This is a project I have taken on and I can use any contributions. These are neighbor strays and feral cats. I have six cats of my own and feed/care for another 10-12 from the neighborhood.

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The Dream

Are you going through changes in your life? Something perhaps you have experienced before? The dream is addressing both unconscious and conscious aspects {as all dreams do} but with a focus on the outer life {as opposed to the inner life}. The outer life is the ego self in your conscious environment at the time you had the dream. The inner life has more to do with motivating factors, those life experiences/influences that make up your personality and outlook on life. The outer is a conscious factor, the inner unconscious {one you may not be aware of}

Here is my analysis of the dream

Seeking to understand oneself, the positives as well as negatives. Seeking balance. Having to face the outer world alone. Going through changes in life and seeking clarity. Major issue to do with both conscious and unconscious self. Negative emotions surrounding you on many sides. Message from the unconscious {to do with inner aspects}. Duration of one's life including past experiences. Possessing same traits as original self {having previous experiences}. Emotions from past experiences. New developments on both levels {conscious and unconscious} that have to do with past similar experiences. Only you can help yourself with these issues. There is an intent to achieve a better outcome.

Let me know your thoughts {I do request a response} and perhaps we can learn ore from the dream.


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