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bathrooms and showers

HI, I started to write my dreams as soon as I wake up, about 4 weeks ago. I want to start identifying key characters, to find my shadows and my Animus. I noticed that there are some elements that are recurring: bathrooms and showers, which are almost always dirty, and I need to use them, but there is always a line up and I have to wait. Also recurring, are old houses, also dirty, LAstly, I always end up in streets that are very busy, I dont recognize them, I am lost, and there are all kinds of vehicles, which I am never driving. All men in my dreams are softspoken, gentle, with a changing will.
My persona is a very strong lady, assertive, accomplished, and after reading for a while about Animus I am wondering if these men are telling me to be softer and more vulnerable, telling me to stop being so self sufficient, strong, independent. I have not found my partner in life and perhaps is because I project the soft side of me onto men who I want to protect. Am I possessed by my Animus?

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Re: bathrooms and showers

To get a better understanding about your animus qualities I would need to analyze a couple of dreams. Also it is most important to know your age since the stage of life you are is important in understanding how the images/actions in your dreams apply to your conscious and unconscious life. Certainly a strong assertive personality are animus qualities but it doesn't mean you are possessed by them. Such qualities may be how your psyche balances out those aspects that are out of balance. But again the images of the men you describe in your dream are opposite your personality and your dreams could be suggesting you need to do more to soften these traits. The one factor that must be considered, one I sense from your personal info about bathrooms, showers and always being dirty could be important, is what experiences/influences from early life are there that govern/motivate your personality and actions as an adult. Old houses usually point to the past and past experiences. In dreams the house is a universal symbol representing the dreamer or some related aspect of the dreamer. A old dirty house would suggest there is something from your past that is 'dirty'. Being dirty in a dream may signify something about yourself you can not accept because of guilt feelings that possibly stem from childhood. It can signify a negative self image but from what you state about your personality that seems to be opposite of those qualities. Then again it could be your strong personality is compensating for negative inner qualities {which go back to early life experiences}.

Being dirty can also point to anxieties and feelings toward sex {of course again the house is you}. A dirty house could point to early life experiences that involve sex and possibly sexual abuse or experiences. You could be compensating an emotional energy involving such an experience by developing a 'masculine' persona. Waiting in line may suggest you are struggling with this type of experience. It be indicative of issues of power/control or feelings of dependence/independence to do with relationships. A strong independent nature could be a result of past experiences of mistrust in men and that would be reflected in your personality. Dreams like you described where 'all' men are soft spoken, gentle, with a changing will could easily suggest that is what is needed to balance out your waking life. Your dreams are your true self and seek to communicate what is out of balance.

Vehicles are also symbolic of the dreamer's psyche. They often represent the direction in life you are gong or need to go {psychologically as well as literally}. If you are not driving your own vehicle then it suggest you are not in control of some aspect of your life. Unrecognized streets can symbolize unrecognized aspects of the psyche. Being lost is just that but in a psychological and/or emotional sense.

Personality has its foundations in earliest life, the surroundings, the experiences, the influences being the ground for what the psyche understands to be true as far as understanding the world. We now know that infants are capable of learning much more from its environment and storing that information. Much of it becomes imprinted on the psyche and can become motivators for personality and future actions later in life. Add any traumatic experiences to that and you begin life with an out of balanced psyche. Life is in conflict from the beginning and although a lot of it is resolved just by living, a lot of it remains an unconscious energy that can govern life without any conscious knowledge. One reason I believe so strongly in the words I type is because I was unconsciously driven my these energies from early life {another is my work with dreams where my analysis involving such experiences have been confirmed time and again}. My personality type is that of a Luke Skywalker seeking his father who was never a part of his life {this is also a common theme in Native American mythology, the son seeking the father}. Unfortunately I was 42 before I was able to begin reconciling those early life experiences and influences, having lived my early adult life compensating for that lost love by indulging in negative actions {my path to wholeness began when I discovered Joseph Campbell {a synchronicity event} which led me to Carl Jung}. I don't remember many of my dreams from early but it would not be uncommon to have had a 'dirty house' since it reflected my inner condition. Dreams seek to help clean the house and bring harmony and balance to the dreamer's life.

As for shadow issues that aspect is most always an image of the same sex. Unless you have had dreams of prominent women, especially with dark surroundings or aspects then a shadow application or association is unlikely. But that doesn't mean there are not hidden or repressed aspects. It depends on what emotional energies that are out of balance as well as your own personal psyche. Because your primary issue may have to do with men or masculine aspects, this could be the reason for male images in your dreams instead of a shadow image. Everyone has a shadow but it all depends on different factors as how it influences the dreamer's life and how it appears in dreams. Read the link I provided to gain a better understanding of this aspect.

I suggest you post a dream so I can get a sense about your unconscious self. Most often i have no other info about the dreamer other than age and gender {most important when analyzing dreams because of the anima/animus and shadow factors}. Having the info your provided will allow me to seen even deeper into the possibilities. Although I can not tell you of literal waking experiences {only you can know those} I can see the outlines of the energies involved. Using Jungian theories and concepts along with an intuitive mind, an experienced person working with dreams can discern patterns of actions, energies and behavior from dreams. And because your dreams are about you and your emotions it is possible to point to particular energies that influence that person's psyche and life. The energies that motivate are visible with a trained eye. A wonderful thing to possess as long as it is used in a positive way.

And to think. I was a couch potato, sports fanatic lost in a world of material and emotional delusion before I discovered Campbell that faithful day 22 years ago.


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