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I had a really weird dream last night. I was lying in bed (thought I was awake, actually) and decided I was hungry, so I went to my pantry. Inside, I found a potato chip bag. It was stapled to a piece of wood and had a strange color on part of it. I grabbed it and turned it over, and I don't quite remember what it said, but it made me really, really uneasy. I got so scared that I ran to my dog's bed in the living room, but he was gone. The only thing left of him was this weird sharp object with a shiny piece at the end. It was attached to a blue piece of paper with a photo of my dog on it. The photo had a word written on it, I don't quite remember what the word was, but it made me really, really uneasy, and it was an aggressive word. By this point I was very scared, and my dream was becoming a nightmare, so I ran back to my bed to hide under the covers. When I got under the covers, there was a super weird thing under there. It was roundish and looked soft. It was brightly colored and had a piece of meat on it! There was this piece of fabric taped to it with a photo on it, and I don’t quite remember what the photo was of, but it made me feel very comfortable. I was so comfortable that I woke up (weird, right?). Does anyone know what any of this means???

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When analyzing dreams I am able to see the periphery of a dream and not the exact experience the dream is trying to communicate {so to help you resolve emotional conflicts}. I look for patterns that expose particular emotional issues that fit the dreamer's life. Below is what I come up with when breaking down the dream by image. Take this and see where it may fit in your life. Remember the dream would be addressing emotional experiences that occurred or were in effect when you had the dream. If there is a particular experience it would have happened just prior to the dream.

As for possibilities. Emotional nourishment {an pattern image that I see in the dream} most often goes to the roots/foundations of your personality/ ego life. A lack of nourishment in early life is often what the dream is pointing to. But in your dream I sense it goes beyond just that {although it is a part of what may be the root to the conflict} and points to a particular pattern of behavior that may cause conflict in your life. Look at the possibility related to 'indulgence' and see where that might fit. There does seem to be something related to your past associated with the 'indulgence' aspect, one that may be an experience that is again tempting you. Consciously you may be aware of the consequences but the temptations may be very strong causing you to again 'indulge'.

*hungry-seeking nourishment/fulfillment
*pantry-where unconscious needs/desires are stored
*potato chip bag-emotional weight/guilt due to self indulgence?
*staple-emotional disarray
*strange color-unconscious emotions
*wood-feeling dead inside
*dog's bed-human 'animal' nature
*dog gone/dog photo-something from the past, what you once had is a memory/past experience
*hiding under covers-covering up your true emotions
*round object with meat on it-indulging in temptations that make you feel comfortable
*taped fabric taped to photo-an issue related to past experiences to reward yourself

Please provide a response. If this strikes a cord additional information may help clarify the dream's intended message even more.


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