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    Re: A wild ride (long)

    I appreciate your re-posting the dream using paragraphs. It makes it much more easier to understand the dream as well as any patterns that flow from the dream actions. Also the additional information which may help understand any patterns in the dream related to that info.

    This is a long dream which requires a couple of hours at least to analyze. I have things I must do so I won't be able to analyze the full dream today. I will analyze the first part and then finish on Sunday {I have to work on Saturday's for my son in our family construction business.

    The dream
    The first part of a dream sets the stage for what the dream is wanting to communicate. I won't break down all the images/symbols/actions but will the first part since it does provide insights to what the dream is about.

    Your dream statement starts out with an inner discussion about unconscious emotions {forest} related to your mom and ex-by Jon {they could also be symbolic of inner aspects about yourself and if true that will develop/unfold in the dream}. These would be about emotional energies that have an influence in your current waking life. The vehicle is an aspect of yourself and abandoned vehicle may suggest a need to relinquish previous emotions related to them.

    The next paragraph about Jon and the related actions are not his experiences/actions but yours. There are the positive elements from the relationship which you will always hang on to and still may wish for {as fantasies go}. The madly in love again is remembrance of the love you had and the forgiveness is about self forgiving {although you probably do want his forgiveness}.

    In some aspect your mother is 'driving' these old energies. You need/want to balance what was {in the middle} with the realities of the presence. There is the conscious reality and unconscious desires {bridging conscious and unconscious}.

    The bridge between conscious and unconscious is being, perhaps motivated by your mother in some way. Her erratic behavior may be the 'bridge' that ties you to her actions in the dream.

    The back and forth may relate to actual experiences to do with your mom. Discussions, perhaps behavior on her part that you may tend to imitate. The emotional forces {gravity} takes you 'over the bridge' {or may do so} and you are evading the emotional fall {sideways}. The great heights may indicate an unconscious position, an emotional fall related to some aspect of your life.

    What emotional experience was there that 'injured you greatly' but much less so your mother? It has affected your ability to control your own life. Could this be related to an inheritance of mother traits? The broken tooth may be a broken connection of what you possess that is related to your mother.

    My sense thus far is the dream is addressing inherent issues related to your mother {paralleling her psychotic and unforgiving behavior}. Is there something, an experience the two of you share that binds? You state you were unfaithful to Jon. Does that apply to your mother is some fashion. If not an experience on her part something else that would fit. Also consider that your mother in the dream could be you. Or fears of becoming her which would point to conscious knowledge of likeness between you and her. If Jon was not aware of your unfaithfulness then what was it that ended the relationship.

    If you would comment on this first part perhaps we can learn what the actual message is. I think the dream thus far has provide some good clues to a developing pattern related to your mother.

    I'll continue my analysis on Sunday. That will give you a chance to think about what I have provided.


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    Re: A wild ride (long)

    I've gone about analyzing this second part differently. I have taken each sentence {again, the proper sentence/paragraph structure helps in understanding the dream} and provided my interpretation. I do sense several patterns, some related to the first part of the dream, the part about Dominick being a separate pattern. Here is the breakdown and then I will summarize what I sense.

    The scene changes to dominicks school, terrebonne where we meet up with him to find an infirmary ( I have no ******* clue why we were looking for an infirmary in a school now, but it made sense in the dream).

    ** Looking for a learning experience that heals

    As we ascend the first flight of stairs, (and again, ironically note this set of stairs is much longer and higher up than any real life staircase) I painfully follow until I lose my balance towards the top and desperately grasp in search of the handrail that isnt there, and fall down this absurdly long flight of stairs, toppling down, end over end, hitting every stair along the way and sustain more bodily injuries.

    ** consciously out of balance, searching for support which isn't there. sustain self image injuries

    Jon and dominick run down to assess the extra damage. I feel like I have a concussion. Even though I know I am dreaming, I know that I cannot fall asleep under any circumstance because I could die, despite the fact that in the dream, I am extremely tired at this point.

    ** unconscious emotional injuries. fear of an awareness of unconscious aspects which would drain you emotionally

    We walk through a basketball game going on where people point and ask what happened. The bright lights and sounds fill my senses and a feeling of adrenaline overcomes me.

    ** seeking to become whole, illumination comes from the inner self

    All of our clothes are tattered, save for dominick because he was not involved in the accident, but I am mainly the one covered in my own blood, who drew all of the attention towards us.

    ** injuried personal. covered by emotional energies

    I am pointed in the direction of a bathroom where I can clean myself up a little bit.

    ** partially eliminating the negative emotions

    I enter the bathroom to wash up and catch my reflection in the mirror. I see the damage done to my face and discover that my bottom tooth is completely missing and the top one is half missing. At this point, I feel very angry because in the real world, anything that happens to my teeth is one of my biggest fears. I feel so ugly knowing that the teeth were gone. Anger takes a backseat to self loathing, because of my physical appearance.

    ** unconscious damage reflected in your conscious life. lacking self respect reflected by self image.

    Leaving the gym, Jon is still trying to make me his, even with my disfigured face and broken body (hello dream logic, i shouldnt have been able to move, let alone walk this far). He tries to hold my hand and kiss me and tell me that I am still beautiful regardless. I feel flattered, but nothing more than that, which is a relief.

    ** leaving your inner self and focusing on your conscious ego. unable to progress emotionally because of past experiences. need to recognize and accept past so to find harmony

    We search through the whole school, and once dominick catches on to what jon is trying to do, he begins to fight with jon over me, even though I am so mangled, which to me makes absolutely no sense (and I know that in the real world, I am married).

    ** Discovering some of the causes of emotional distress. Exposing the inner conflicts. Inner wounded self needs acceptance

    At this point I am limping horribly because we have walked so far and looked to no avail for an infirmary.

    ** emotional imbalance due to a lack of healing

    Hallways. Many hallways, corridors, and -cringe- stairwells resembling architecture from the early 20th century design for schools. It faintly reminded me of my high school, except the tiles on the walls and floor were red and yellow instead of the green and yellow that I was familiar with.

    ** Many emotional connections from past, emotional self stained and injuried

    Finally, we stumble upon a nurse that completely numbs my aching face and body with pain medicine and splints my leg and I feel extremely high.

    ** healing phase for conscious ego through inner therapy

    My mother only suffered mild injuries from the crash somehow and refused to apologize to me, which I find strange in the dream because I know that my mother is not truly this way. She only has a few scrapes and bruises and has this almost maniacal behavior in the dream, and it worries me greatly. She explained that in the vehicle, she was just trying to have some fun, and that I was just the collateral damage (ouch, much?).

    ** you as the mother, recognzing the influences of the injuried self. consciously you seem only partially injuried but unconsciously there are greater injuries. the last sentence may be a literal truth

    Scene changes again to just me and dominick alone together by a moonlit lake at night. Because i am still numb from the medicine and I still feel high, I know that my words are coming out garbled and are hard to understand. The conversation we had was deep, though i cannot recall its content.

    ** working with emotional self {Dominick}. fear of inner revelations. not able to understand inner conflicts

    We are sitting on a bench together in the moonlight under a tree. After a while, we start kissing passionately, and I feel very happy. We are alone for a while, until jon shows up and finds us, and when he does, he breaks down in tears exclaiming and questioning how I could do this to him.

    ** unsure of/lacking emotional development. acceptance of past treacheries and giving emotions to it

    I get up from the bench and finally tell him that when we were together, I cheated on him. I never told him in real life.

    ** cheating oneself

    I can see that what I said had broken not only his heart, but spirit as well. With tears in his eyes, he walks away and that was the last time that I saw him.

    ** fragmented emotional self. letting go of past emotional experiences.

    I turn back to find dominick on the bench waiting for me to come back and sit down. I limp back, and notice little blinking lights of all different colors shimmering in the air over the lake and a feeling of peace overcomes me.

    ** finding acceptance of inner conflicts with help from Dominick.

    Next to the bench, a blanket appeared, and dominick picked me up and gently laid me down. With him by my side, I closed my eyes, feeling a deep affection for him, then a falling sensation overtook me and I woke up.

    ** need for a healer, someone to help you emotionally

    I'll provide a summary in a separate post.


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    Re: A wild ride (long)

    My sense is the dream is addressing issues related to your past relationship with Jon, the emotional harm you brought on yourself and a need to resolve that inner conflict. There may be lingering personal feelings but the primary message is the emotional conflict related to your actions.

    I also sense issues related to your mother, perhaps one particular issue in general. I think the presence of your mother in the dream is both a literal association to that relationship as well as she being you {related to inherent tendencies and possibly shared experiences}. You may have traits or tendencies from earlier life that motivate your actions in the present time. Is there something you know of that would fit here? And/ or is there an experience related to her that has an important bearing on the relationship?

    As for Dominick and the intimacy in the dream. Unless there are true feelings along those lines {probably not} then it would represent the intimate relationship of someone who is helping you heal emotionally. His is a teacher helping you explore the inner emotions. You need someone to help with the inner conflicts, some of which are conscious {the waking life conflicts you have in life} but others are unconscious. It is the unconscious energies that motivate you and have unconscious control over who you are and how you act that need the most healing. If he is someone who can help with that them he is of greater value than you may realize. Otherwise he may be a shoulder to cry on which in itself is therapy {although much less that what you need}. Explore the mother relationship possibilities and see what you come up with. My sense from the dream there is a great internal struggle related to an experience or experiences in earlier life that have an influence over you. that is what needs to be healed the most and then the rest of your emotional conflicts can be resolved.


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    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Male Cocoa, Fl

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