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    ---Dreams attempt to reveal the authentic emotions and feelings that are often concealed from the conscious mind.
    ---Dreams compensate for conscious attitudes and personality traits that are out of balance.

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  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation, metaphorical of the emotional energies, and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section at Power of Dreams

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    Re: sorry about the dirty dream! (literally)

    I've broken the dream down by paragraph and given an interpretation of each. In my analysis I don't just interpret the images randomly but look for a flow that fit a pattern. As an analyst of dreams I can not state in detail what experiences the dream is trying to communicate {emotional issues that re in conflict} but can see an outline of the possibilities. You will have to fit what I came up with to your actual life.

    Here is the dream and my analysis.

    Dream I am in a toilet. I am in a house that is not mine, it is like a summer house or a house in a residential area in nature (I live in İstanbul and Istanbul has Princes Island’s - they are islands in the city, the area is half residential/half summer houses and I think I am in that area, it is an area that I like and would like to own a house in real life)

    Analysis There are experiences you are dealing with, both recent and to do with deeper issues. The recent issues are probably the focus of the dream but the deeper issues are what cause you to question whether you should do/have done it. Those deeper aspects need to be eliminated or ignored if you are to be able to cope with the negative aspects of the recent experience.

    Dream I am defecating but suddenly my wallet in my back pocket falls into the toilet. Everything happens fast, I stand up and look into the toilet and I think I also accidentally flush the toilet as well.. I look down into the toilet hole and the water in there is VERY dirty, black and brown so I think: ‘It is so dirty, I cant retrieve my wallet - and it is already down in the pipes since I flushed it’.

    Analysis There are aspects related to recent experiences that you have negative feelings about. In the process of eliminating the negative aspects related to these experiences you must change or eliminate existing aspects about yourself. The recent experiences may involve issues you feel 'dirty' about. The deeper is issues have to do with personal values you grew up with.

    Dream I think to myself that I should just let the wallet go, that I could just renew everything that is in it (my ID, my cards etc), that it would be a nuisance but it can be done...but then I think again that my IDs, my active credit card and a friends ID is in the wallet and decide that they are too important to let go and I should just try to find the wallet.

    Analysis There are aspects related to the personal that you consciously feel important. The recent experiences require or cause you to disregard the personal values but you believe they are too important to do so. These may be unconsciously driven aspects {personal values} that are counter toy what you consciously are required to do in the recent experience.

    Dream So I walk back around the WC room, and walk directly into the sea that is down there (the toilet pipe is goes throught the back of the building directly into a sewage pool and the sea). So I just walk into this bdeep, balck and brown water which is very very dirty, (I am completely in this water now, it is like walking underwater in the sea, the water level is higher than my height). (I only momentarily feel uncomfortable and think “I hope I do not catch any gynecological infections in this dirty water” and I also know that I will get very dirty but I also think that it is no big deal, I just have to go through this, and I will clean up really well and take medication if necessary afterwards, it will be fine so I just go through with it).

    Analysis The recent experiences are counter to attitudes you possess {unconsciously ingrained from early life?}. The recent experiences may have caused or will cause guilt feelings because of the unconscious attitudes or personal values but you believe you must go through with what is required and deal with the guilt later on.

    Dream So I walk/swim underwater in this very dirty water, look up and see the end of the toilet pipe, reach out and put my hand in the pipe and feel that my wallet is still stuck in the pipe. I feel happy that my wallet is not lost, and I just pull it with my right hand and take it. When I put my hand in the pipe some fresh poo (soft, light colored and a bit like a baby’s - and not my poo) is smeared on my hand and I feel disgusted for a minute, but feel that since I had made a decision to go in, it was to be expected that I got dirty, so I don’t dwell on it again. I feel relieved that my wallet was stuck in the pipe and that I could find it.

    Analysis Any guilt or negative consequences from the experience will remain an issue but you are able to get past those feelings. Your social standing may not be damaged {recent experience} and you feel your personal values will not be changed as well.

    Dream (And I feel the dream ‘live’ as it happens, but at the same time it is also as if I am telling it to people in the past tense - so it has already happened – it is over and I am well (in a way I lived to tell it so I know all is well).

    Dream And then I am out on the land again, and I have my wallet in my hand, and nothing in the wallet was harmed, they were not wet or dirty, it was just as it always was.

    ** Despite your objections related to your personal attitudes/values you survive the experience and are able to retain those values you possess.

    There seems to have been a recent experience that goes against what you normally believe in or would do. There are personal attitudes you possess that tend to make you question the experience but you went ahead anyways and you feel you were not harmed by the experience. The personal attitudes or values may have to do with cultural expectations.


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    Re: sorry about the dirty dream! (literally)

    Dear Jerry

    Thank you very much for the interpretation, your summary at the end is exactly what is happening in my life and i hadnt thought about the dream in that manner. I indeed had a bad experience recently and i do feel that i wasnt harmed by it, but i cant understand what the dream is trying to tell me, why did i have the dream. Could it only be confirmation that i wasnt harmed? And i am intrigued by the wc & defecation symbology and the water, i have them a lot in my dreams. If you have any furthe comments i would be very interesed in hearing them, thank you very much


    Re: sorry about the dirty dream! (literally)

    It could be that although you consciously were not harmed by the experience, unconsciously it left an emotional mark. The wallet would represent your ego identity and the dream would be saying that part of you was not harmed. The last part of the dream does seem to confirm this experience did not cause lasting damage but at the very end of the dream it seems to be making a statement about something that perhaps needed changing from 'it was just as it always was'. All dream images have at least two meanings/applications and on one level the wallet would symbolize the ego identity. On another level, the deeper level of the unconscious, it could represent self worth {wallets hold money/valuables which would symbolize personal values}. This second application would be getting to the root of any aspect of your psyche that is not in balance. I see these type of statements as primarily a commentary on early life experiences/influences {including cultural}. What you experience and the influences of early life are the primary building blocks for personality and actions later in life. The dream seems to be addressing an experience/issue that occurred but not one you wish to repeat. Not wanting it to happen again may go to the core of your personality where principles and values are worth more than a one time experience that you normally would not do.

    Looking back at the beginning of the dream {which sets the 'stage' for what emotional issues the dream is trying to communicate} the opening lines state "I am in a toilet. I am in a house that is not mine." The house is you and if it is not yours then there is something about you/house that is not your normal self. Toilets are used for 'elimination' or cleansing. The summer house and the comments about the part of Istanbul you would like to live in may be relevant/related to the experience we are discussing. You may have been motivated by certain desires that have associations to living in this better place. And that could be driven by deeper unconscious forces, a complex perhaps {an island would be one part of the whole but cut off from it}. You may be driven by these unconscious forces to do something consciously that is uncommon for you to do. Consciously you were not harmed by it but unconsciously, and there are remaining issues. You may escaped injury from this one time experience but you still need to identify and work on the deeper issues.


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    Re: sorry about the dirty dream! (literally)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.. Your further comments really resonated with me..
    I tend to have too many "shoulds" and put too many restrictions on myself, but in that last experience I was finally able to loosen them, so although it ended badly i am pleased with myself that i was able to act differently. i woulndt want to go back to my old restrictive/conservative ways, so i hope things wont be "as they have always been"..but i would be happy if my selfworth and the positive qualities were not harmed by this experince (but i already know that the experince hasnt made me a bitter person.. If anything i think i like myself more).. So i willl look into the dream with your comments in mind again, and hope i can understand the deeper issues and where they may be coming from..thank you again wishes

    Re: sorry about the dirty dream! (literally)

    And thanks for telling that all dream images have at lear two meanings, i never knew that so i was trying to pin down an exact message from the dream but i guess dreams dont work like that :) good to know this..

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