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Re: a dream about school

First off let me state analyzing dreams of a 16 year old is difficult because it is an age where changes are constantly taking place, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Your dream could be addressing the normal changes you are going through, seeking identity, fitting in with your peers, the natural cycle of growing up. But if the stress in your life is more than just ordinary then something more serious may taking place that needs to be understood. Helping you resolve whatever issues there are {whatever what they may be} is a function of dreams. Let's look at what you have provided in your response.

Your statement, often times, I don't know who I am, I find difficulty understanding my emotions and how I feel" is what I was picking up on from your dream. My analysis "What occurred early in life that has cause emotional distress/stress and continues to 'recycle' your emotions" instead should be directed at your current psychological frame of mind. More often, at the age of 16, the difficulty in understanding one's emotions is related to early family life experiences/influences {if severe and not the norm I spoke of above}. If your childhood has been a good one then either there are other experiences beyond family relationships related to other 'memorable' emotional experiences or it may be neurological {a chemical imbalance}. Dreams address all possibilities. Understanding what they may be is the difficulty in interpreting the dream message, especially for someone at age 16.

Looking at the dream statement, "We had so many adventures from filming in this white space" in my dream she was standing in front of me but it didn't feel real, it felt like something I had imagined up in my head, the she standing in front of you would be your conscious self {a rule of thumb is every person that is not named is you}. The 'image' in your head would fit with understanding your emotions and how you feel. These issues at a time when you are starting high school would be front and center, your ego persona and identity of who you are being 'in front of you'. Seeking an identity in a new environment {starting high school is a major change in life} is a norm. That identity {of who you are in a sea of changes and fitting in with your new environment} is 'fuzzy'.

The scene with boy stood up and began to sing is likely addressing issues with relationships with boys. You are in that stage where boys 'stand out/stand up' and sing {announcing their presence and influence}. There are many 'anxious' emotions involved when it comes to boys {squids}. 'His' making deprecating jokes about himself may involve actual personal experiences {only you could know} in real life but could also be symbolic of your own masculine qualities. Lacking self confidence would cause you to 'deprecate' your self {lacking strength, a masculine quality that needs to be developed as you get older}.

When the dream changes the boys reference is also likely addressing masculine qualities {this is the deeper level of dreams, beyond the personal experiences that occur in your recent waking life}. The 'feelings' you 'have for' this boy would be a reference to your own inner qualities. Fears of fitting in {lacking masculine strength to do so} would make you feel a like a 'social freak'. The 'friends' you are walking past in the washroom are aspects of yourself that need to be 'cleansed' and could have to do with self esteem.

So, in the context of a normal 16 year old just starting high school this dreams is focused on those normal issues you would be encountering. The question is how extreme are the difficulties you are having in understanding your emotions? Although you have had a good home/family life there are likely issues to do with that. But are these emotions extreme? The dream, beyond just addressing the normal changes a 16 year old would be experiencing, would on a deeper level be focusing on whatever it is that is causing the difficulty with the emotions. Ask yourself, are these emotional difficulties just a normal cycle of life or are they more extreme than the norm. If they are the norm then I believe what I have offered as an analysis would fit. If they are more serious then you would need to examine what the underlying causes are. Dreams will point to those underlying issues but will seldom be specific in naming what they are {dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor and to translate that language to everyday 'english' is what dream analysis is about}.

If you have other recent dreams you can post they may help in determining what is what. There are always at least two meanings/applications to every dream {emotions to do with the everyday personal experiences as well as the deeper underlying issues} and which ever is playing on your mind {when you have the dream} would be the primary focus of that dream {with other applications be secondary}.


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