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  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation, metaphorical of the emotional energies, and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section at Power of Dreams

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    Re: Really long and weird dream? Please explain!

    Ok, i tried to edit it a little! I think it's a little more readable now! It gets a little messy at the end because i want sure how to split up what i said properly into sentences sorry :(

    I had a dream last night that I was walking through a haunted house with a bunch of different rooms with a girl named Caroline who I kind of know from school. It just looked like a regular house except it was really big and had a lot of different rooms and most of them weren't scary at all, like there was one room that had a TV covered in mushrooms and it just kept playing the hi-ho clip from Snow White over and over again but it had a lot of static and it was really messed up and I laughed a little then I turned it off and it turned back on so I unplugged it and it kept playing. Then I was like “Oh, this is obviously battery operated, duh!” 
 Then Caroline and I went into a hallway and there was a short stairway on the right and an open door on the left so we went into the left door and there was, like, nothing interesting in there. It had brown hardwood floors with tan walls and a kind of yellowish lighting from a lamp sitting on a shelf that was connected to the wall and went all the way around the room. Sitting on the shelf was old stuffed animals, like, old 1920’s stuffed elephants and bears and stuff and occasionally one would fall off the shelf onto the floor and make a heavy thud noise and the others would laugh and I would laugh too. There was a desk over to the side where there wasn’t any stuffed animals and there was a note on the table that said "FOR JENEVIVE AND CAROLINE, WITH LOVE" and I picked up the note and there was nothing under it so I opened the desk and there was a bunch of medical equipment, like scalpels and stuff. There was also a note that said "USE" on it, so I sat down on the floor next to one of the teddy bears that fell over and I turned it onto its back and I cut open it's stomach and there was like.. real organs in there like a heart and blood and lungs and intestines and stuff and they were all still working so I poked around for a few seconds and then I sewed him back up and set him up on the shelf and I kissed his head and i was like “Haha, i’m just like Doc McStuffins!” Caroline was scared but I told her to relax because I’m pretty sure the teddy bear is ok and she was like “I DONT CARE IF HE'S OK, HE'S ALIVE THEYRE ALL ALIVE!” and i was like “chill!” Then she went out of the room and started walking down the hall and I was like, “Wait, we forgot the room up the stairs.” And she was like “Oh, ok.” So, we went up the stairs but when she opened the door the lights behind us turned off and the lights in front of us turned on and she got scared and ran down the stairs really fast (the room had stairs that went down into it, she didn’t turn around and go back down the other stairs by the way) but there was only three steps when there should have been like nine so she ran down and fell really hard on the ground and she laid there in pain. I was like “Are you ok, Caroline?” and she just moaned. I looked around the room and it just looked like a regular old cellar, the walls were cement and the floor was either really dirty cement or really well packed dirt and there was a blue boiler or water heater or something and someone dug a hole in the floor and there was something next to it but I don’t know what it was because there was a blue tarp over it but i just assumed it was cement blocks for some reason? why would u bury cement blocks? i dunno! it's a dream! anyway, the room was only lit by a tall lamp with no lampshade in kind of the middle/kind of the corner of the room and under the stairs where there was no light i thought i saw a tall gross creepy thing (the thing that i constantly have in my nightmares if im like actually scared of them, i'll explain later) and so i got really scared but i knew if i acted like i was scared he would try to like come after me. So I was like, “Hey Caroline this room is boring, there's nothing down here, let's climb back upstairs...” she said alright and got up off the floor and we pulled ourselves back up the stairs and we shut and locked the door behind Then, we went into the room down the hall and it was a really beautiful victorian tea room and it was warmed up by a fire and it had a nice chandelier on the ceiling and it was just a nice room overall. On the table in the middle was hot tea and lorna doones and there was a note that said "FOR JENEVIVE" on it and Caroline was like “Why didn't i get anything?” and i was like “i'm not sure.. but he gave me a lot of lorna doones so you can have a few of mine!” and i slid her like 5 of my lorna doones and she sat down on one sofa and i sat on the other across from her and i drank some tea. Then, a tall skinny guy who was completely black and slimy looking with no face and really long pointy fingers came up behind Caroline and she didn't notice and for some reason i thought to myself “hey, what this guy does is none of my business... i’m just gonna stay in my lane!” and i sipped some tea and he gave me the sshh finger-to-mouth sign thing and i nodded. Then he grabbed Carolines face and put both his hands in her mouth, one on the top and one on the bottom and he pulled her head completely off her body and ripped her jaw right off and the whole time she was screaming and struggling and begging me to help her and I was screaming and then when her head came off she stopped screaming and i just looked at the tall guy, kind of shocked and whatever, and i was really scared obviously. He then took her body and threw it into the big fire place then he sat down in her spot (he was really really tall so when he sat down his knees went to his head) and he picked up her head and jaw and pried all her teeth out then crushed her skull and dug out her wisdom teeth. He put them all on the plate next to his tea cup and he threw what was left of her head into the fire and THAT scared me worse than anything because i’m 100% horrified of teeth. Then, he took two of her teeth and mixed them into his tea with his finger and drank it even though he didn't have a mouth (he just absorbed it i guess)? Then he pushed my lorna doones back to me and nodded to them like "eat these" but he didn't actually say it because.. no mouth! so i picked up one of my lorna doones and i took bite of it and looked back at him and he nodded and drank more tea so i continued eating my lorna doones and drinking my tea and i was getting more comfortable except Caroline’s body was making the most disgusting smell in the fireplace and i couldn’t stop smelling it it was really gross! The tall thing noticed i didn’t like the smell and he took in a big smell of it (even though he doesnt have a nose) and then he put the fire out and lit apple cinnamon candles (my favourite candle) and sat back down and i was like “ thank u....” and he nodded and ate Caroline’s teeth off his plate like popcorn and it made a really gross crunching noise that made me sick and i threw up on the floor, like, a lot until there was nothing left and i was just dry heaving and it hurt really bad. When i sat back up hundreds of little amorphous blobs of veiny flesh and blood rolled across the floor from underneath all the furniture and they ate all of my throw up and then rolled back underneath the furniture and they were just like really gross for some reason but they cleaned up all my puke so in my head i was like “ok, thanks.. i'll them them live...” but i really wanted to go home so i was like “um this was fun but i need to go home now um goodbye” and i got up and walked to the door but the thing dashed in front of me and screamed a noise so loud that i could barely hear it?? sort of like a dog whistle i guess? it hurt my ears pretty bad and then all of Caroline’s teeth came out of his head and they covered up his whole face (or where is face would be) and it made me scream and dry heave again and i was crying and i fell on the floor and dry heaved for like 3 minutes and there was no sound in the whole room except for me trying to throw up and then i crawled back over to the sofa and i curled up on it and cried and he went over to his blood soaked sofa and sat and watched me cry for a long time while i was like “i want to go home i want to go home i dont want to be here!” He shook his head and brought Caroline’s teeth back in so i couldn’t see them and he stood up and put his hand on my back and his hand was so big it covered almost my whole back. I was expecting it to be cold and slimy but it was warm and smooth like a latex glove sort of, i guess he was trying to comfort me but it just made me more scared and i screamed really loud so he took his hand off and left the tea room but he locked the door behind him so i couldnt get out. While he was gone i tried to get out through the windows but they were all locked so i tried to smash them with a chair but they wouldnt break and i gave up and went back to sit on the sofa. I drank my tea which was cold now and i just waited for him to come back and when he finally did i felt kind of better (?) because it felt better than being alone i guess. when he came in he handed me an old teddy bear and it was the one i'd cut open and sewn up earlier, i smiled and i was like “hey little man!” and the teddy bear laughed like a horror movie sort of laugh, but i liked it and i set him on my lap and held him and he was warm and i could feel him breathe and it was nice. I said “thank you for bringing me this” to the thing and he nodded and took the tea tray out of the room and he came back with hot tea and this time he brought a really pretty white piece of cake and a tiny cup of tea and set it down in front of me. I smiled and gave the tiny tea cup to the teddy bear and he drank it and i ate the cake and it was really good probably the best cake i've ever had! I asked him (the tall man) if he wanted some and i held out cake on my fork to him, Caroline’s teeth came out of his face again and whirled around and mixed themselves up on his face until they made a mouth shape sort of and the teeth pulled the cake off the fork and pulled them into his face and i closed my eyes and almost cried again but i was still trying to smile. When i finished he set all the dirty dishes on the floor and the bloody flesh blob things completely coated every dish and when the retreated all the dishes were sparkly and clean and in my head i was like “gross! but ok” Then it was dark outside ? because i guess i'd been there for a really long time and i got sad because i wanted my mom and she'd probably be scared that i didnt come home. The thing then grabbed me in his hands and i kicked and screamed and i was like “no dont touch me dont touch me get away from me!!!!!” and each time i flailed around he'd hold me tighter and tighter until i couldnt move anymore and he carried me into a bedroom that was really pretty and victorian and like almost my dream room but instead of pink and white it was like brown and red and he threw me down in the bed and covered me up with the blanket and i kept kicking and screaming so he pulled the blanket down really hard so i couldn't move, i kept freaking out until i got too tired and then i just laid there and cried and he let go of the blanket and pressed his weird latex-y face against my head and gave me my teddy bear which i guess was now named edmund ? then he pulled up a chair next to my bed and sat down and he put his head between his knees to look at me and Caroline’s teeth came out of his face and mixed themselves up until they spelled "sleep" and i closed my eyes like i was asleep for a minute or two and then i opened one to see what he was doing and the teeth spelled out "watch always" and i thought “hm that seems like more teeth than caroline had, he must have eaten other peoples teeth too...” and then i woke up the end!

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