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    Re: supernatural

    Jerry Gifford-Host & WebMaster

    I've broken the dream down by paragraphs and will let you read what I have provided and give a response before I provide a final summary. The dream seems to be fairly direct in what it is trying to communicate but only you can know what the issues are. I'll await your response before giving my final analysis.

    Thankyou Jerry again for taking the time to work on my dream, ill try to reply to each section. This is very useful. Arn't we good at giving ourselves all the clues, i am learning how to read them, but some are more difficult and this was a particularly epic one.

    Your Dream
    Being a man in your dream {and actually being female} would point to animus/masculine aspects. The girlfriend would be your feminine self and because the original setting is in the house you once lived there will be associations to that time and place. The house is you also, the original aspect being feminine but one that has left and leaves you with a masculine aspect.

    We lived in this house from very early in our relationship, i was aged 21, until we started a family 11 years later, we moved when i was pregnant. So it was definitely the house which contained all our parties, excesses and good times, the fun and passion of youth. Of course you change completely when you become a mother. My fist child is disabled so i am very different person compared to the carefree girl who lived in this house. I now have to run a house and a family and all the care duties that go with my son, i feel like i have to do this in a very regimented way, alongside time making time for my own activities, this is my job, i have to do it and i take pride in doing it well. I have to be strong to manage all this, yet i do crumble quite easily when things go wrong.

    Look at this in two ways. One as animus aspects to do with personality qualities as well as a true experience where the house is 'owned' by a feminine person {not necessarily a ownership per say but in control of} which has left anf leaves only man. If the second does not fit then it would point to the animus aspects. There is long lived relationship with the feminine {100 years} but that has left you with a strong masculine self. This may point to a lack of 'feminine' qualities and either a need for masculine aspects or too much of the masculine.

    This makes sense, i am older now, my husband and i have been together 20 years. I would say my responsibilities have perhaps replaced some of the carefree passions of youth and my own femininity.

    The house being you is full of old 'emotional' stuff {you were emotionally attached to it as a child}. There is something buried within the 'walls' of the house {you} which may not yet be fully developed/known {baby}. It is in the bedroom which could denote something intimate or/and something you wish to keep private. Pigs are unclean animals and the tears may represent a need for healing. When 'squeezed' {forced to consciousness} these pig tears come out. There is a need to get the 'baby' out of the 'walls' of your unconscious {walls are barriers/obstructions}. There is a fear of finding something within you that is dead {corpse}. Asking her/you not to probably points to repressing whatever this 'baby' represents.

    This makes sense, i do have some issues with intimacy for various reasons. Some of these issues were not present early on during the time we lived in this house. Something bad happened to a family member which i absorbed and it changed me. I do sometimes feel stuck and would like to move on but mostly I choose to ignore it.

    Even if there are repressed aspects that eventually and naturally will come out {these type events begin at mid-life, ages late 30s to mid 50s}. There are great energies associated with this emotional aspect, energies that may unconsciously control or/and motivate your conscious actions.

    This is true.

    Because all the rooms are bedrooms it is very possible the unconscious aspects that are 'within the walls'/barriers have to do with 'bedroom' issues in the present. When you are back in the 'main' bedroom things begin to move {emotionally}. The parents {may be related to actual parents or/and your 'inner parents} are occultists which may suggest extra sensory perceptions, not a literal application but an unconscious perception of what is unknown on your part. There is the presence of the father {literal, reference to your higher masculine aspects or spiritual as in God}. You are powerless to resist which probably points to unconscious energies that are controlling.

    The 'issue' is definatly there, i know it needs dealing with but i probably cant face it because i know it is hard. I often pursued myself that im fine the way i am.

    These unconscious energies are controlling {they sabotage your emotions/actions}. They affect your personality {clothes} and perhaps how you feel about yourself.

    True, i do try outwardly to convince myself (and others) that i am otherwise.

    The car is you and it is off the road. The emotions are in control and being in danger may suggest a wounded self {emotionally/psychologically}.

    Since you read my last dream some things happened and another issue to do with my mother and my mother in law helped me to realise that i have been wounded since i was a child. I have been trying to work on this through meditation. Some of these feelings were definitely controlling me for many years and giving me a lot of sadness, since the 'realisation' i can see things clearer, why i feel the way i do and i dont feel the emotions have such a hold on me, or i can see things more clearly for what they really are.

    Within you {house} there are 'artifacts' from your past that point to the 'newly developed' aspect that has barriers. The father killed this aspect of yourself {again the father could be literal or point to the other aspects I named}. These emotions/experiences have been placed behind barriers {repressed/suppressed}. Leaving with nothing may suggest your unconscious life is left with nothing emotionally. The records seem to be important. Are they musical records?

    They are musical records, ive been collecting for a long time, and when they appear in dreams i think they represent my outward identity? I decided at a very young age that i did not want my own mother because she didnt love me the way i wanted her to. She did love me of course, but i was very badly wounded by her own problems in being a mother, this lasted and affected my relationship with my MIL also. And probably has damaged my connection with my own feminine because i did not want to be like her. I also wanted to stay a little girl and not grow up ( i only just worked that out this instant!).There were big bariers between myself and 'the mothers' that on my part are beginning to heal, the emotional 'soup' i have been wading in for years is starting to clear.

    The girlfriend is another aspect of yourself. The boyfriend would be a 'close' masculine aspect and could point to an experience related to a literal boyfriend from your teen years {that would have associations to the unconscious energies the dream is trying to reveal/resolve}. The time frame is again when you were in your teens. There are things within your unconscious that need to be eliminated {toilet}, nasty stuff perhaps. The letter is from the unconscious. It needs to leave the unconscious and be made conscious.

    My husband is my 1st love, we met when we were very young. WHen i was the man in the dream i didnt identify myself as him, yet when i became the girlfriend he was definitely the boyfriend. As i said i didnt really want to grow up and it was scary for me to enter into a serious relationship because i was emotionally damaged and still in the grip of my own childhood for quite some time.

    The final paragraph is the cumulation of what the dream is attempting to communicate. The unconscious/letter tells you what is emotionally happening in your life, all to do with the controlling agent, the newly developed aspect and you as a woman. The symbol may be pointing to the symbolic references of the dream which points to the need for wholeness {wheel/circle}. Understanding the symbolic references would point {arrowhead} to the true meaning of the letter/unconscious contents. You have an outline of what these energies are {charcoal} within your unconscious that needs to be made conscious {pull it from the page to reality}. These are unconscious energies that are stronger than the conscious {magic}. The spirit is the undiscovered aspects. They were born at the 'house' {you but also could point to experiences in the house you at one time lived} and the baby {newly developed aspect} is you. Being unhappy to be found out may suggest not wanting to bring these experiences to consciousness {repression}. There is a need to bring these things out. Eliminating the unconscious contents so the 'light/insight' can shine in which leads to more light. The childhood issues lead the mother/you and the unconscious contents becomes conscious.

    I looked up the wheel thing too, it would seem this is similar the chaos symbol which i didnt know.

    You are absolutely right i know i need to get rid of this junk and realise it, I have been wrestling with myself since i last posted as things are beginning to unfold and show themselves. I want to be able to develop with my inner work so i know all this stuff needs sorting. I have booked and then cancelled counselling sessions twice reacently with a view to dealing with it all, probably because i think i can cope, and i am a bit scared and i also became concerned if i would choose the right person to speak with. My meditation teacher is also a psychotherapist i have considered going to her. By chance we had a class when no one else turned up and we touched on some of this stuff, she was able to show me that even though consciously i think i am coping with it, really it has quite a lot of power over me.

    thankyou jerry, i'll look forward to your next message, thanks for doing you bit in helping me unravel things, I gave a lot of info which im sure is the point to get a good analyses and to make the most sense of what the dream is telling me, but i do feel a bit strange doing so on an open message board!


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    Re: supernatural

    hi jerry, i wasnt sure if you noticed i replied, as i couldnt work out how to do it outside of the quote box!!

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    Re: supernatural

    I apologize for not responding to your previous post. I had overlooked it when I suddenly had several other posted dreams in a very short time.

    My sense is from your response the dream is focused both on the more recent emotional experiences {the house you lived in at 21} as well as issues from childhood. These are always related since the childhood experiences/influences are the foundations for personality and who we become later in life. They are unconscious motivators and often control the conscious life with the person having o knowledge of them {this was definitely true in my life}. You may want to look more to the childhood issues and determine what experiences/influences from those years so to better understand how you feel and act/react in the present. In particular the dream language, "At the house i find evidence from various artifacts that the baby in the wall is that of the father whose image i saw and that he killed it and put it in the wall" is something you may want to investigate and see where that leads. The house is you so whatever the baby represents in the wall {from childhood} would be something that is a part of you. It also is likely addressing more current emotional issues but those are something you probably can discern more so than your early life experiences. Exposing the motivators is a big step in understanding life as it is in the present. It is often life changing because being aware of the energies that unconsciously motivate allows you to change whatever needs to be changed. That is how my journey unfolded and because I do fit the 'pattern' of the son seeking the father's love and acceptance that was not there during childhood {Luke Skywalker also fits this patter} I can see this in others {women as well}. It is these emotional patterns I look for in dreams, they reveal the innermost emotions of the dreamer. The patterns are also prevalent in mythology {the universal dream}, the archetypes being the inherent universal energies we often see in dreams. When a person discovers their archetypal pattern they can look to the myths to better understand how they will unfold and the energies they possess {Cinderella is a common archetypal pattern in women}. 'Know thyself' is not just about the conscious life but also the unconscious that underlies and supports the conscious.


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    Re: supernatural

    Thanks very much jerry, that is a very useful response. I am following up on this. There is much 'stuff' to work on from childhood, its no good to ignor it, once you are on this path it would seem there is no going back! Connections between the past and present behaviours are revealing themselves,

    thanks again and all best wishes to you


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