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Could you help me with analysing?

First dream: Me and my cousin we are in the uncles hotel's garden, running from a scorpion.Actually the scorpion is following my cousin not me but I am afraid of it. Then we start to run after the scorpion and suddenly it runs away by shouting and he says to me: "I am not what you are thinking/imagining /estimating".And I say "Than tell me what are you?" but he doesnt answer back.

Second dream:We are in a small room, my dad, my mom and me. This is my parents new appartment(but only in the dream), I am visiting them. My dad has a dog(in real he doesnt), he is barking and trying to attack to me. Dog looks very angry, I feel I am afraid and I start to shout. I say: "Quiet, stop!"But the dog goes on he tries to attack, than my dad says stop ! to him, he gets very angry to the dog. After all the dog calms down. But when my dad turns his face the dog looks at me and says: "I' ll see you again. This is only beginning, we will meet again".

The third dream: I am outside watching a sacrifice ceremony. A man is killing a bull or a cow. His son is running after a very big serpent. The snake -a big one- is running into the forest, the man says to his son to leave it alone. The kid stops following it. The snake stops and looks directly to my face and says: I 'll come back and we will meet.
Actually I dont hear it saying but I feel the sentence deep inside.

PS:Here there are my three different dreams, I had them in the same month. After the third one I felt the connection between them.
I left the city life and settled down in a small village and live in a community. I am a very happy person, I feel supported in the nature. I always used to give attention to my dreams but lately -in last 2 months- I have excatly 3 dreams at night. I write down each of them in the morning. I am very interested in working with my dreams. This situation seems a bit weird to me, I mean having3 dreams at night and remembering all of them... I need a facilitator on working with them. Thank you for your interest.

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Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 31/Female/Turkey

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Re: Could you help me with analysing?

My analysis/interpretation can be seen Here/Different dreams same message.


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