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recurring werid dreams

at the beginning my all consuming thought when i was alone for a while was running away, latly its cutting, i read a book and i can put myself in there, i imgine myself as the goddess of blood, depression and suaside/self harm, and every suaside was a sacrifice to me, the back story was, i was an immortal with no power, i got depressed and **** and i self harmed, when i first self harmed i got my power.
ok wanna know what happened
it was dream similar to one i had before
my dad was badass and **** and then we went to my frineds and i got make up was the dream i had has before, oh and we visited a frinds memorial place thingy
so me and my dad when and vistited the grave and then we wnet to my friends house and then her relatives were there and said i had to give them the make up back,( they were male), but the grave had more meaning to it, then i was in a vampires lair where this girl was wearing a nice dress and vampire raped her, then it was like i was transported back in time or more like the things from the olden days came to the present, we found fresh blood, then this girl who was in this thingy that began with a d found out that she had been living with a vampire, then i cant rember weather before or after this but of this award sermony, you had to throw your hands up when u acepted ur award, this guy did it then this girl, u could see the scars on her wrists, then it jumped to her and this boy she said no more(whatever his name was) then no more drew, she held a knife at his throat, pausedand said i cant do it, the gently grabbed the knife and asked, do you want me to, then the dream ended, drew had a tan skin and nice soft features(from the side) the guy had a pale face and black hair in a frindge i could just see part of his jawline.

this is scaring me and freaking me out, i talked to a few friends and they think it has a deeper meaning. help

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 12 Female England

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Re: recurring werid dreams

Since you marked you will not provide a response to my analysis there is no way to know if there are serious psychological problems {as I believe there may be by the 'make-up' images}. If you do not provide a follow up response you will not be allowed to post future dreams. This is a free service contingent on a follow up response. I ask for feedback not only to verify my analysis but to help others to view the interpretation and see how dreams function.

As for your dream and its meaning {dreams are about the emotional condition of the dreamer at the time they have the dream}. Being the goddess of blood {symbolic of emotional forces/energies}, depression and suicide would likely be a true representation of you and your personality. If these are true attributes to your personality then the rest of the dream is focused on the cause for them. You should recognize this if it is true. There is the lesser possibility the 'imagine' part of the dteam may point to an imagination of such traits and are not real. Or it could be both, real experiences but with you possessing a personality of great imagination and perhaps prone to exaggerate at times. Likely the emotional energies to do with depression is applicable since the rest of the dream does contain images of emotional turmoil/trauma.

Being immortal is standard feelings for a 12 year old, the resilience of childhood, something children possess despite any negative conditions there are in life. But having no power would suggest you are powerless to avoid the negative conditions {living in a bad environment or/and experiencing abusive conditions}. Living in such conditions would cause real depression and perhaps self harm. If there were actual experiences of self harm or thoughts of it then that would make you feel powerful, being in a position where you think you have control by harming yourself. Such feelings woul require deeper analysis and not being a psychologist I will refrain from saying too much about it.

Is your dad really a badass? The memorial place would point to past memories, memorial in that they involved traumatic experiences from your past/earlier childhood {the back story}. The words you use in describing a dream are always relevant even though they may not be an actual part of the dream.

The friends house would be a part of you {if a friend you recognize there are likely traits that person possesses you identify with}. Your dad being with you would suggest experiences involving him or shared with him. The relatives could represent feelings/emotions to do with family matters {would also represent 'related' aspects of your own self}. The make up could represent 'concealing' aspects to do with experiences in life and also unconscious aspects related to these experiences {you may not consciously allow these feelings/experiences out to others but unconsciously they are always there}. Giving the makeup back would represent the need to 'go back' and recognize the negative emotional issues that are responsible for the depression and possible thoughts of self harm. A grave is where these memories are unconsciously buried. There is a need to confront the issues {something at your age may be hard to do especially if you are in a negative environment}. This is likely the primary focus of the dream, the negative experiences and a need to confront them and resolve them. The male may point to a real man but could also point to your own masculine qualities {which would be unlikely be useful at your age}. The 'more meaning' to the grave would suggest to more than one meaning to the dream symbol/image.

The vampire's liar would represent being in a position that is draining the emotional energies from you {blood representing your emotional energies}. The nice dress is something that may point to innocence {nice girl image} and the rape could be an actual experience or could represent being 'violated' emotionally {but not an actual rape}. Being transported back in time would point to past experiences where olden experiences/memories are being brought to the present {may point to past experiences you may still be experiencing in the presence}. The fresh blood {emotions} may point to present day experiences. Living with a vampire may point to living with someone who drains you emotionally but also represent living with the negative emotional energies from your past. The award ceremony may be the dream compensating for what you do not want to think about {negative experiences} with the intent to help you be informed of the unconscious energies that are taking a toll on you and to help resolve the emotional issues {dreams are nature's way of helping resolve emotional conflicts/issues}. Throwing your hands up and accepting the award may represent feelings of helplessness and the scars would be emotional scars {if not actual scars on the wrist}. You do not want to experiences these negative experiences but may be powerless to avoid them {at your age}. Holding the knife {emotions that cut} to 'his' throat could represent the need to communicate {voice} negative emotions related to experiences with a particular male. You want to give voice to these emotions, a need to tell someone about them. The pale face and black hair of the guy would be symbolic references to unconscious contents that may involve vague memories to do with negative experiences. The primary focus of the dream are the negative experiences from your past that may still be a force in your life in the present {you may still be living in the same environment or having to be close to someone who was responsible for the past negative experiences}.

The dream points to very strong negative experiences from your past which still could be still a force in your life, either emotionally or/and literally {living with the same people who were/are responsible for the negative experiences/emotions. Is this a true statement, do you have such experiences and/or still live in conditions that can cause negative experiences? Parents or relatives may be a part of the environment you live in/with related to the negative emotions/experiences. This should be easy to answer. Either these are real experiences or they are partly true but your personality is of the type to exaggerate the 'negatives'. Are there past experiences that would be considered traumatic, real experiences where someone abused you physically or/and emotionally? If so {dreams don't lie} then there is a need to tell someone who can help you. If you live in a family environment that is a part of any abusive experiences then the need to get help from someone outside the family would be necessary/important. Answer the question, are these real experiences? If so then the dream is trying to help you find a way to resolve the issues.

As for a follow up response. I would appreciate you giving one, at least to confirm my analysis. If the interpretation is correct {in the fact there is emotional/physical abuse} I do hope you will seek help in whatever way will help you remove yourself from any environment that you may be in that could cause harm to you or cause you to d harm to yourself.

The only other possibility to your dream post {which hopefully isn't true and unlikely as I read the dream} is you made the whole dream up. The 'makeup' statement in the dream would be an unconscious admission. I don't think this is a real possibility but I never say never. Especially when there are images/symbols that may point o the possibility.


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