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party dream

In my dream my girlfriend and I were at a party and she disappeared. I was just standing around waiting for her and about an hour went by and i finally started texting her and stuff then she popped up out of nowhere and said "we should leave." So we did then when we got to my house we got in a argument because she wouldn't tell me where she went for an hour so i was getting super ****** then she finally said that she found a saw and was carving and i was saying "that's bull crap! why would you leave me by myself in a party instead of just letting me carve with you?" and i threw something at the wall and my girlfriend said "move away from the door im leaving" then I picked her up and put her on the bed.

I just got a new job which the dream could be referring to as "leaving the party." I'm not really sure about much else though.

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Re: party dream

The primary image in the dream {other than you} is your gf. Likely she represents the real person and also represents an anima/feminine aspect of your psyche. The jest I get from the dream to do with the real person she is doing something you want her to stop doing. It could involve suspicion on your part which in a deeper sense {as an anima quality} could point to a character trait in your personality {prone to be suspicious}.

As for the deeper possibilities what she is doing would represent emotional aspects you possess,doing something you should not do if you were aware of the unconscious motivations. It could be you possess a suspicious attitude which would be a result of the 'carving' {sculptured} from the foundations in early life. Not carving together would suggest an imbalance which would be a barrier {wall} and would create limitations in your waking life {in relationships}. This part of you moves from an unconscious motivation and acts as a conscious action {suspicion}.

Do you have suspicions about your gf? This may be the personal aspect the dream is addressing {recent experiences} but could also point to a personality trait where suspicion is a quality you possess.


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