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burning dog

I dreamed that my dad set a living dog on fire to kill him. I tried to stop him and cried but he didn't care. The dog was calm and didn't make a sound. He just stood there burning.

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Re: burning dog

Not much to go on with such a short dream. And not knowing your age could make a difference. As far as the images/symbols your dad could be your real dad but also authority and protection {this is where your age could be important}. The dog could represent loyalty. Setting the dog on fire may symbolize anger or destruction. Killing the dog might indicate a dislike of someone or some action. Taking this all together and believing you are a younger person there may have been a recent experience with your father {he provides protection and you have trust in that} where there was anger on your part toward him because of some action he took that you dislike. Or anger on his part where actions you took he disliked. He would have been angry at you for something you did.

If you are an older person/adult then the dream could mean something different. Your father would represent an aspect of yourself {you are the dad} and point to a need to be more self sufficient/supporting. The dog would represent a betrayal of these traits {lacking them}. Setting him on fire would then represent transformation {fire}, a need to transform yourself so you are self reliant on yourself. Killing the dog would symbolize killing that part of you that needs to be transformed.

Again a short dream and no age given. A lot of possibilities and when analyzing a dream I look for developing patterns. Short dreams don't provide a lot to work with.

As for age, a younger person is looking ahead in life and recent experiences are likely the focus of their dreams. An older person is looking back to life experiences and their dreams are trying to help resolve emotional issues from the past. In both instances your dad would fit in somehow, his actions either being the focus of a recent experience or his actions having a great influence on your personality {your foundations}. The dream would have a primary focus on one or the other but the other being secondary {not an issue you are dealing with at the time of the dream}.


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