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Snake dream

Well it started off with me and two other guys I've never seen before going down a river on a boat and in the distance I seen a giant black and white snake witch looked like it had a person in its belly so I started getting a little uneasy feeling not scared then we went to the snake and as it was swimming away we grabbed it's tale and used the boat to try and get it to shore the snake got away twice before we got it to shore and during the catching part the to guys were smiling then once we got it to shore we cut the tale off and then we were going to cut it open and get the person out of the snakes stomach but before that I woke up and I never seen the snakes head anybody know what this dream means

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Re: Snake dream

I sense the dream is addressing inner issues that you are not aware of that govern/motivates your conscious life. There was a likely a recent experience that involved these inner motivators {which you would not likely be aware of}. They involve repressed emotions that consciously cause outer fears {was there a recent experience where a 'fear' was involved, such as not achieving something you wish to be successful at?}. The conscious fears would be a motivating factors to your personality and unconscious aspects would be a result of early life foundations. You may be too zealous or try to hard in endeavors in achieving success. There is a need to understand the underlying {psychological} issues before you can resolve the complications that get in the way of any success. The person with the snake's {hidden fears} stomach is you and you need to cut out the unconscious energies that have control over conscious actions.

I don't if you will grasp what my analysis is about but you may be able to determine if there were recent experiences that involved these issues. Was there a recent experience where you wish to be successful but because of inner inhibitions were not able to be? If so then the inner issues would be from motivating factors due to the foundations in early life. These are issues that will continue to motivate you and perhaps be a hindrance to any success in the future if not resolved.


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