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Detective, Plane Crash, Snake

In waking life I work at the airport and the Singapore Airlines flight boards in front of my store every night.

In my dream, I knew that the Singapore Airlines plane was going to crash and which passenger would be responsible. At the start of the dream, I was standing near the runway and the plane has crashed and we are running toward the wreckage. However I never make it to the wreckage because my role in the dream was as a rookie detective working with more experienced detectives and one of them told me to call our boss. When I turn around, the girl that is responsible for the crash is walking around and turns out to be one of three survivors of the plane. So the detectives and I do some research and see in a newspaper that in this girl's hometown she is famous for having a lot of snakes. There was a moment in the dream when another detective is holding a snake and it bites me, the pain is bearable but it was still painful. Anyways we determine that she used one of her snakes to kill the pilot and crash the plane. But we don't know how she survives, we didn't really care, we were more concerned about getting a confession out of her. We interrogate her and everything and we all of knew the she knew we were trying to get her to confess but she was a bit cunning. I would try and catcher he off guard whilst standing there with my phone recording our conversations. But my phone was running out of battery so I knew I had a limited time.

There was also a moment in my dream when I saw a colleague of mine with a friend that she introduced me to in waking life and we have all hung out together before. It was his birthday party and went up to hug him and I saw a couple that I went to university with but never spoke to before. So this was just a really random part of the dream as well. I think I was following the girl around in a mall and I ran into these people. But anyways I woke up without getting a confession.

I've looked up the individual interpretations for detective, plane crash and snake. But i'm curious to see if they mean anything altogether.


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Re: Detective, Plane Crash, Snake

There is an aspect of your life that has 'crashed', perhaps to do with 'errors' in your life. It may have to do with 'higher ambitions or/and advancement in some aspect of your life. You may have known this 'crash' was possible before it happened, possibly having had experience with the similar issues previously {forget plane crash and think of your personal life}. In the process in working to 'elevate' yourself you encounter obstacles/barriers that you need to explore more thoroughly and become more experienced in knowing what is best for you. With more detailed experience/knowledge you will know better how to 'survive' what needs to be overcome to achieve your goals. This is not an unusual for you, being cautious may be a personality trait. You are experienced to changes in your life and when the right factors come together you are apt to make changes. This is likely due to early life experiences where changes were constant and often painful. Some of the current changes being considered/being done also cause some emotional distress. But the underlying issues to why changes are necessary and constant is because of early life imprinting. You survive because you do have experience in making changes but there is always an element of guilt associated with some of the changes {more specifically whatever the current issues are you are dealing with}. You may be evading certain issues and should use your experience to guide you. Pressures are a part of the equation as well as the emotional energies involved.

As for the friend and colleague and other people in the dream. They would likely represent different qualities you identify with {especially with those people you know in the dream}. waking up before getting a confession may be pointing to feelings of guilt associated with some of the changes you have made {or 'errors'}.

I sense the dream is focused on both issues to do with advancement in life as well as making constant changes. One may have to do with the other and you use experience to your advantage in getting ahead {which may sometimes require being cunning which can cause some guilt feelings}. I also sense there are underlying issues {there always are} that prompt you to need to make changes, perhaps because of early life instabilities cause you to look for better things no matter how good they are at the time you make a change. Perhaps a recent decision to make a change has gone wrong and you now realize the error.


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