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Crocodile and snakes.

It was this dream where this crocodile attacked my father and bit him on the eye. I witnessed the attacked and there was nothing I could do because I was on the other side of the river. I tried swimming but the wave of the river would push me away so hard that I wouldn't be able to swim on the other side. There was also my brother who helped my father fight the crocodile back which in the end, the crocodile backed away and somehow I was already on the other side of the river looking to see how hurt my father was. It looked like he just had a scratch on the right eye - the eye was surrounded by reddish color but no bleeding at all. It looked like he was fine and escaped with just a "scratch". After I saw the "scrath", there were 2 snakes around us in the grass - I gained a feeling of avoidance...that I should avoid these 2 snakes. I backed away from them and they went away. None of them tried to attack because we backed away.

I tried to find meaning of snakes/crocodile online but I couldn't find anything useful. Could someone help me out with an answer? I'd appreciate it very much.

Thank you,


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Re: Crocodile and snakes.

My sense is the dream is addressing issues related to your father possibly a recent experience where you and he had 'opposing' positions. He may have treated it as a minor irritation but it was a much bigger issue for you. The experience may have been but one aspect of the overall relationship. Do you feel he does not provide enough attention or/and emotional support to you? The two snakes would represent the two aspects of the relationship you wish you could change {the recent experience as well as the overall relationship}. You want to be have a closer relationship but you tend to back away from pursuing. There may be other reasons for avoiding a closer relationship, perhaps related to his personality more so than anything.


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