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In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me

Hi There-

I had a dream we were in rooms with water, like each room was a hot-tub like environment- there was more to that, but I don't quite remember- i believe i was working there. in one of the rooms a woman approached me and said "may i hold your head" i said yes, please, and then she held my head and leaned over to kiss me - i liked the kiss and kissed her back. then a 2nd woman approached me and said "may i hold your head" and then i woke up-- any insights?

i am in relationship with a wonderful man that i love- and i have been questioning my sexuality (for years, almost OCD like) and I am having a hard time receiving in sexual relations with him

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Female, 27

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Re: In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me

Questioning your sexuality could/would be one aspect {if not primary} the dream is trying to communicate. Another, one that could be true along with the sexual question, could have to do with your mother. There are definitely strong emotional energies related to the feminine {the term itself being associated with strong emotional energies} in the dream that are 'controlling agents' in your psyche, unconscious and conscious life {the unconscious being your absolute true self}. With the added info about the questions you have about your sexuality and the difficulty with sexual relations with the male relationship, the issue of sexual identity would surely be a prime focus of the dream.

As for the possible focus on your mother {the second woman in another context beyond but in accord with the sexual aspects}, if there were issues related to that relationship the dream could be addressing that as well. All dreams have at least two meanings/applications. If the amplification of the images and actions also with in the relationship with your mother then there are outstanding issues with her as well. In this mold the identity issue could be related to sex but also the environment with your mother growing up {hot tube/inflamed emotions associated with the mother relationship}.

Read what I have presented in the amplification. Understand the dream is about your true emotional self, how you really feel about yourself and the world around you.

Please provide a follow up response to my analysis. My services are free but I do expect a response so we can better understand your dream and my analysis.

Amplification of Images/Actions
Dream Title
In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me
-In water-your emotional state of mind
-Women asks to hold my head-feminine energies controlling your emotions/intellect

Dream Content
-we were in rooms with water-various and deep emotional energies
-each room was a hot-tube environment-all aspects have an inflamed emotional energies
-was more, don't quite remember-additional energies not aware of/repression
-I believe I was working there-current emotional state of mind/anxieties
-in one room a woman approached me-emotional energies rekated to the feminine/females
-said may I hold your head-controlling your primary emotional energies
-I said yes-appealing aspects
-leaned over to kiss me-feeling weight of your neglected side
-I liked the kiss and kissed her back-reciprocating true inner energies
-2nd woman approached me-temptation and guilt
-may I hold your head-more recent emotional energies


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me

WOW- yes.

My mother wound is big. I wouldn't classify my mother as a textbook narcissist but definitely had narcissistic tendencies- I never really felt loved & nurtured by my mother-always felt like I was the adult, taking care of and worrying about her feelings & emotions. She never truly believed that I loved her- which made me question my own ability to love- a feeling of not being good enough.

I am learning to mother myself & give myself the love & care I deserve(d). I am healing my relationship with my mother, moving into forgiveness, but deep down I am still very hurt. My little girl is confused.

It has also come up in therapy that it is possible the questioning of my sexuality around women is me seeking loving relationship with a woman because it feels good, tender, & sweet and it is something that I craved as a child.

It could also be a way for me to validate my own ability to love a woman (my mother).

The last thing I want to do is repress my true inner nature (if I were a "lesbian") but it feels more like fear & doubt than truth. It really creates a struggle in my psyche.

Any more insights?

Thank you so so so much <3

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Female, 27

Re: In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me

Having the bare minimum personal information {age and gender} I can only provide an outline of the emotional energies in a dream. But usually that is enough to give the dreamer clues to what energies are affecting if not controlling their conscious life. The added info always helps. Knowing your whole life info would allow a complete and useful analysis. That is if your dreams are a part of the analysis/therapy. Dreams are a direct link to the unconscious and from my general analysis you can see how much can be derived from one dream. Of course you would need a therapist who uses Jungian concepts to be able to tap into your dreams. But therapy is essential no matter the method being used. As long as the emotional energies are allowed to remain wholeness will be elusive. Continue the therapy and with time you should find some closure to the issues that plague you. Forgiveness is a big step and you are correct in working with that.

As for the dream and the info in your response. Looking over the amplified images and actions the dream language, "she held my head and leaned over to kiss me - i liked the kiss and kissed her back" does seem to be addressing your neglected side which would point to your relationship with your mother {beginning in childhood, the most important years if life in psyche development}. Most of the other images and actions are addressing the general weight of the emotional energies and disturbances you are dealing with. Getting to the reason you have these strong feelings about questioning your sexuality would be important. I can see how a neglected childhood and a bad mother relationship would cause a need for feminine support and possible questions about sexuality. What was lacking in childhood is a prime motivator for actions in later life, a need to substitute what was lacking with attention and love from feminine sources. Are you attracted to or tend to navigate to a certain type female type? If so that may affirm a replacement in a type woman for your mother. Also, if you are truly a 'lesbian' I would think those tendencies would radiate in your conscious life. If your 'attraction' to women is not a soulful endeavor then I would go with the mother substitute as the motivating factor for questioning your sexuality. And there is the 'bi-sexual' aspect many people grapple with but that usually comes about in later life. Exploration beyond the true sexual identity due to various reasons, including failure in relationships with the opposite sex and seeking non-committal sex with the same gender. Even that would have unresolved emotional energies.

If you want to seek more info from future dreams you can post them for my analysis {always free analysis}. The first dream usually opens the door to greater insights in subsequent dreams. The insights come with an analysis of those dreams. Until then I suggest you read more about dreams and the Jungian approach and concepts at my Power of Dreams website.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Cocoa, Fl

Re: In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me

Great analysis, was plasure reading it.

I notice only female elements, persons in the dreams so it is about feminity.

I am not an expert, but usually people try to compensate. If someone does not get the deserved love from the mother then he, she could try to unconsciously get it from another person.

In case the primal relationship(mother- daughter) was disturbed you could have problems with accepting and loving the feminity in yourself.) Jungian solution would be to stop looking for the mother outside of you but discover it in yourself and be a mother to yourself, develop mothering qualities.

Hot tub like water - strong emotions
In the dream your dream ego is passive and the woman comes to you and kisses you, similar as mother would,.. perheaps your wish to be loved and kissed by mother like figure?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 31, M

Re: In Water- Women asks to hold my head & kiss me

Repost of previous dream

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

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