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Child Development and the Emotional Circuits of Mammalian Brains

As a prime postulate {basis} in my theory of dream analysis the psych{ology} of every human is primarily predicated on the earliest years of childhood. What we 'EXPERIENCE' in those first encounters in life become the standards of who we become in adult life. And because humans are so highly emotional {as programmed by nature} those experiences that possess greater than normal emotional energies tend to be the motivators for our emotional lives in later life. This shouldn't be as a contentious issue since nature programmed all animals with this component in the building blocks of animal and human evolution {we are human animals}. Along with the archetypal energies we are born with {predisposed by nature also} we have a blueprint {provided by nature} to human life propensity in personality and personal attitudes. We are governed by these aspects of our journey as human beings.

This article validates my position. 'Child Development and the Emotional Circuits of Mammalian Brains'.
'It is now quite clear that all mammals experience their emotions within the subcortical circuitries of their intensely affective brains. The evidence comes from hundreds of brain stimulation studies in other animals, where “rewarding” and “punishing” effects are readily obtained from subcortical brain emotional systems that are homologous in all mammals, with essentially no places where such effects can be obtained from higher brain areas.1,2,3 Primal affective feelings are part and parcel of our inherited mammalian emotional action apparatus, which strongly influence learning and the growth of the neocortical cognitive apparatus'.

Learning and growth. What we learn early in life along with the 'natural' inherent {archetypal} aspects is what determines personal growth in the individual. And at the center of learning and growth, and everything else in a human life, are the emotions. Everything is psychological. The environment in which a person lived as a child is the first place to look when it comes to what drives/motivates the individual. This comes through forcefully in dreams, nurturing being a lead element.
Child Development and the Emotional Circuits of Mammalian Brains


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