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Interpreting Your Dreams Using A Dream Dictionary

I have almost completed designing the web pages 'Interpreting Your Dreams Using A Dream Dictionary'. The pages for PCs are complete and can be accessed here. I hope to have pages designed for other media completed in a few days {Iphones, tablets and android phones}. These pages are a guide of instructions so most anyone can interpret their own dreams. Over the 25 years I have discovered that dreams can be accurately interpreted by an experienced dream analyst who uses Jungian concepts. Just as important, and remarkable, over the past year I have been analyzing posted dreams using the two dream dictionaries I have compiled, and have be able to correctly interpret dreams using this method. What this suggests that the symbolic images and actions in dreams are more universal than previously thought. A house is the dreamer. So is a car. The actions associated with the images are also universal in most cases. At least this is my experience. With these pages I hope to determine if it is true, feedback from those who use the pages to interpret their dreams using the dream dictionaries. Try it. It may surprise you.

As for those who think this is foolishness {especially Jungian academics}, I say try using my instructions and the dictionaries. I've analyzed thousands of dreams over the past 12+ years here at the Dream Forum and all I have had was the age and gender of the dreamer. With only this information I have been able to provide a proper/correct analysis, verified by the responses from the dreamer. I use only basic Jungian concepts {but with an intuitive as well as 25 years of self educated knowledge of in-depth Jungian concepts} in my analysis so I am not bound by the strict concepts Jungian analysts use. I am not the only one who has discovered this method to be applicable, there are many who also have discovered this method. Open minds to new possibilities. Jung provided a map to the nunconscious and now many of us have discovered dreams are not the great mystery they once were and all dreams can be correctly interpreted.


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