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Dream Sequence 2 - JLO and Mariah Carey

I am in Jennifer Lopez's house. I have no idea why or where this even came from. Anyways, I remember us talking. At some point, I am in her bathroom - I hear singing. I head into the bathroom and see that there are 4 bath tubs. These are stacked tubs. The tubs are squared and they are elevated as if tiered. At the very top (of course, I say this with some humor) is Mariah Carey. She is sitting in her bathing suit singing one of Jennifer Lopez's songs (in all actuality, Mariah was singing a Mariah song, but in the dream, it was a Jennifer Lopez song and they were collaborating with 2 other singers on a project). Jennifer Lopez was in the very first bathtub on the bottom level. I realize in the dream that Mariah was singing Jennifer Lopez's song better than Jennifer Lopez. Apparently Jennifer Lopez realized it too, and got upset and left the bathroom abruptly. To note: the tiles around the tub were 1 ½ inch square tiles in blues and whites (theme?).

I am walking through Jennifer Lopez's house to find her. Passing her staff everywhere in the home, holding outfits, putting looks together for her, getting photoshoots together for her, etc. All of her assistants were African American in their 20's. I remember a young female walking by me and she was holding a red and black outfit for an upcoming photoshoot. I remember seeing a young man in a darkened bed(?)room to my left holding up hair extensions for Jennifer Lopez as well.

I find Jennifer Lopez and knowing she is upset about Mariah, I tell her not to spend her time worrying. That the Universe will take care of her. I remember her looking at me and got this feeling as if she was marveling at me (in a positive way). She was wearing white. I then leave her to whatever she needs to do. (Seriously, why am I at her house??) I am then in the hallway and I see that every single door to her home is open to me. I don’t mean doors left wide open, and not closed but unlocked, but rather, open about 4 inches or more so that I can just gently push them open to walk in, or in some instances, opened a bit more than that where I can peek in and see if someone is in there. The doors were very high and detailed with a curved top, and they were framed in solid wood. There were so many of them. It almost seemed like hundreds. Her home was new, white and brightly lit. It was, of course, a mansion. The floors were stunning I remember. Wood and gleaming.

Anyways, I was marveling at the fact that her doors were all open to me - she didn't know me from Adam, but I had the freedom to be in her house and to move anywhere within it.

I then hear a soft bark and see my little dog, Willow, there at my feet. She wags her tail and I think: “I need to get Willow outside so that she doesn't pee in Jennifer Lopez's house! We walk through the house and I leave Willow to follow me (which she does). I was startled to discover that her home was all on one floor. There was no upstairs or downstairs. I also could not seem to find a way out of the house.

I stumbled across an opened door that opened into a room that was very dated. Upon entrance to the room, I saw there was a kitchen area in a horrible avocado green that was running flush against the adjacent wall. I remember seeing a brown shag rug (similar to what my parents have currently) but the rug was grossly larger with its shag than what it really has. It also had a very large and open area in front of the kitchen space I was in and I found myself mentally redesigning it and wondering why it looked like that and how to make it look more comfortable and homey. Why was there no island to prepare food or a table of some sort to make better use of the space? I turn to my right and see a small, darkened room with fluorescent lighting. I see a washer and dryer to my right, along with a bathtub/bathroom area and a single bed running diagonally, coming out of the far left corner. The bed looked creepy to me though. I remember the room spooking me. I left the room quickly and was assessing the living area. I see an external porch that is very basic...unfinished? There is an unfinished wood plank floor and a black painted wood railing. A house plant in a ceramic pot is sitting on the porch and just past the porch are high trees. (I believed that I was on an upper level).

I notice the living room and dining room areas are newer- again - all white. I remember diamond-like light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. I look down at Willow and tell her that we need to get out of that room.

I remember feeling like we shouldn't be in that room. That space was created/developed/not finished for Jennifer Lopez's older son (I have no idea) who was never able to get there. I couldn't remember the details on if he died or was institutionalized or something. Regardless, she doesn't have a young adult son in waking (at least that I am aware of anyways).

All I remember after that was leaving that room with Willow and I don't know if we ever found a way outside (I woke up).

**Not sure what is up with the celebrity cameos - I have not seen anything or read anything about JLo or Mariah Carey. At least I know that I read something on TJ Miller a week or so ago. (??)

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 41, WNY

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Re: Dream Sequence 2 - JLO and Mariah Carey

I will analyze this dream Sunday. I do hope you will comment on the other posted dream so I can include your thoughts in analyzing this dream.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Dream Sequence 2 - JLO and Mariah Carey

I think I see a pattern. One that is not too obvious until the second dream is considered.

After looking at your second dream yesterday and trying to put together a coherent pattern {without amplifying all the images and actions a minimum 2 hr task} I looked at your response and what you said about the first dream and you thinking you are a 'strange bird/weird kind of funny', much like that of TJ Miller. Identifying with that could be the reason he is in the dream {among other possibilities}. He is you, you are him in that sense.

In my analysis of the first dream I equated Miller and your father. Miller and your father are the same.

Then in the second dream we see JLo and Mariah Carey. Both are talented performers but eventually it is seen with Mariah Carey singing the song better than JLo, the 'ORIGINAL' singer of the song. There are the same talent {singing the same song} but one is outdoing the other. And because famous people in dreams usually depict associations to that person we can assume these two singers are equivalent to you. The word 'same' fits with all three events. All are equivalent in an indirect associations. They are all you {note: you are seeking wholeness|number 4|balancing the masculine and feminine/yin & yang}.

What it gets down to in your waking life, the pattern I sense in the equivalence, these comparisons represent a comparison of you and your father. And in this pattern is Mariah singing a better that JLO. Your higher aspirations, beyond breaking away from old patterns, is also not to be in the same position as your father, doing/singing better in your life. The resonating of 'blaming' aspect also points to the conflicts with your father, and the mold of thinking you inherited from your father. getting past that is the psychological aspect, the task perhaps more difficult to achieve than other actions you take in achieving wholeness and a better life.

All in all, after all the 'weird' usage of different famous people, the major issue is still your father and emotional energies in that relationship. The outer relationship as it is in its difficulties as well as the inner aspects you 'learned' as a child growing up in the environment controlled by your father. Getting past the inner aspects are usually the hardest {no matter the difficulties, or favorable aspects of the outer journey}. Breaking the chains of developed attitudes is hard. But it is essential if you are to find true wholeness, and happiness you seek.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 68 Cocoa, Fl

Re: Dream Sequence 2 - JLO and Mariah Carey

Thank you, Jerry. This makes complete sense to me. This comment especially resonated "...and the mold of thinking you inherited from your father." I do feel that he is constantly stating his perceived limitations in my life - I didn't realize how much I had internalized.

I will continue on my path and continue with my inner work.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 41, WNY

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