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First time a dream made me research

I had a dream where I met a guy that was obviously a gay guy who I started hanging out with and he always told me how his master wants to meet me and after convincing me for a long time I said I would meet him. We met in some warehouse where there was another guy (also, all 3 of us were in a suit) and then suddenly his “master” showed up and it was a beautiful woman and as soon as I saw her I fell in love and knew that it wasnt just a woman, it was the Devil. I just felt it and she confirmed it and took her dress off and it was a female body but with a penis and then we had something that wasnt exactly sex but almost. She (It was It and not a she but ill use she) suddenly started yelling and crying that I am rejecting her and asking me why but I wasnt, I was totally crazy about her in that moment, just wanted to take her but suddenly something else showed up and made her vanish. The guy that was there told me then that I can save her and that only I can do it and we will be together if I choose to destroy everyone. Suddenly dream moves outside any I am thinking about it and everything starts to get destroyed like nuclear weapons were dropped on the planet and then I am alone and she isnt here and those 2 guys arent here and I woke up because my girlfriend woke me up saying I was talking in my dream.

I am a straight male but when I woke up I was still thinking about that beautiful (obviously transexual) devil from my dream. There was more to this but this is all I remember. I didnt feel scared in the

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Re: First time a dream made me research

First let me state I took the dream your posted in the general forum and moved it to the dream forum.

As for your dream. If you are indeed straight {and you know this and either are straight or you have not come to terms with your true sexaulity} then my sense of the dream there is a strong feminine qualities and or female in your life. My first inclination to the later is the relationship with your mother {master is a beautiful woman}. She may be the master as well as the woman with a penis {a woman who has a set of balls sort of speak}. There are real issues related to this aspect/person. The dream suggests a lack of masculine qualities which may point to not having a strong guiding male in your early life. It may cause destructive tendencies in your conscious life. Look to this relationship {or possibly another strong woman in your life} and determine if indeed it fits.

This is my analysis of the images and actions from your dream

If you are not homosexual in your waking life and dream that you are homosexual represents a union with aspects of yourself.

hanging out-connecting with unknown/unacceptable aspects of yourself

master could denote feelings of inadequacy and a lack of discipline in your life. You need a strong-willed leader to guide you. You may need to recognize these qualities and find ways to resolve them.

waiting a long time to meet him may suggest you have not yet come to terms with these qualities or may have repressed them.

master is a beautiful woman-the need to incorporate or acknowledge certain feminine aspects into your own self. Being beautiful represents aspects of yourself that you admire, except and appreciate

not just a woman but the Devil-inner fear, limitations, and negative aspects of yourself

took her dress off-exposing true aspects

a female body but with a penis-If you dream that a woman has a penis, then it represents her extreme level of boldness. may also mean that you relate to this woman on some intimate level that you are afraid to admit

we had something that wasn't exactly sex but almost-have not achieved the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself necessary to be your true self

crying that I am rejecting her but I wasn't-a release or strong emotions you need to get rid of

just wanted to take her but suddenly something else showed up and made her vanish- desire for understanding of yourself but other aspects/have not given sufficient attention to those aspects/qualities within your own self

Suddenly dream moves outside any I am thinking about it and everything starts to get destroyed-expression of neglected/rejected inner qualities causing chaos in your waking life

everything starts to get destroyed like nuclear weapons were dropped on the planet -self destructive tendencies/trying to escape from your own waking reality.

those 2 guys aren't here-a lack of masculine aspects {including actual males in your life}

transexual woman-masculine/feminine roles or passive/aggressive behavior


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