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strange forest animal?

id like to start off by saying this dream wasn’t a nightmare, as in I didn’t wake up disturbed, but the more I think about it the more I get uneasy.

Me and a couple of friends were deep in the woods, just walking around. We found an abandoned house and went inside of it. Inside there was no furniture, only a floor made out of stone and an animal of some sort in the corner. When we looked closer at the animal, it looked like a calico kitten, but there was something about it that resembled a human baby. It also appeared to have something inside of it.

When it meowed, it was mournful and drew us near it, but immediately a snake would launch itself out of the cats mouth. The snake wasn’t exactly a snake, it just looked like one, but it felt more like a parasite. My friends and I kept being drawn closer to the cat, but the very presence of it was something horrible and a distinct feeling of terror I am unable to convey in words. Someone stepped on it, smashing the cat, before we all ran as fast as we could out of the house.

When we finally made it home, we realized one of my friends was missing, but we never spoke about it, because we feared the creature would sense it’s name being said.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Female, 16, PA

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Re: strange forest animal?

Anonymous 3-15,
When looking at this dream understand that the cat, kitten is you as is the house. Dreams speak primarily in a symbolic language with most images and actions being metaphors for you and your emotions. Dreams are all about the dreamer's emotional energies. My take from your dream is there was a past negative experience{s} that has affected you in your current life. Was/is there a lack of good parenting from one or both parents? Something in your past {which may still be occurring} has deeply affected you emotionally. You may have repressed these experiences or they could be experiences you are aware of but do not want to thin or talk about them. They still affect who you are {personality/personal attitudes}.

The snake may be the key image. Look to possible sexual experiences but if not any the snake may represent an experience{s} that changed you because of the emotional energies involved. These experiences could very well be from early childhood {and again may be continuing}. Parenting is always suspect in such dreams, one or both parents. Read what I have provided below and see if it connects. A response will help in better understanding what emotional issues are involved.

-couple of friends-aspects about yourself you need to acknowledge/get to know {in your unconscious}
-deep in the woods-unconscious aspects you are unaware of {emotional energies}
-walking around-spending your life with this experience{s}
-found an abandoned house-lacking external guidance
-went inside it-governed by unconscious emotional energies
-no furniture-lacking proper relationships in your life
-floor made of stone-your foundations, experiences that formed your attitudes and personality
-animal in corner-characteristics about yourself formed from neglected relationships
-animal looked like calico kitten-varied aspects related to innocence
-resembled human body-parallel to conscious self
-appeared to have something inside it-unconscious contents {possibly repressed}

-meow was mournful-anguished expression in conscious life
-drew us near it-current experiences that have caused anguished expression
-snake would launch itself-something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced {emotional energies} .
-out of cat’s mouth-expression of emotional energies that may translate in conscious actions {yours}
-snake wasn’t exactly a snake, it just looked like one-experience in life where snake is something other than a snake {**see explanation below}
-felt like a parasite-a person and/or past experience that is emotionally draining
-friends and I drawn to closer to cat-emotional energies that have influence over your conscious actions
-something horrible and a distinct feeling of terror I am unable to convey in words-repressed emotions from past negative experiences
-someone stepped on it, smashed cat-past experiences that have caused emotional injuries
-before we all ran as fast as we could out of the house-an inability to escape emotional injuries

When we finally made it home, we realized one of my friends was missing, but we never spoke about it, because we feared the creature would sense it’s name being said.
-part of you is missing {caused by past experience and related emotional injuries}. Repressed issues or issues you do not wish to think about. Creature would be person and/or past experience. Name being said would be the person or experience that is in your mind {may be unconscious/repressed}

**the snake may be seen as phallic and thus symbolize temptation, dangerous and forbidden sexuality {because of past negative experiences}. If you are afraid of the snake, then it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment {which would be the result of negative past experiences}. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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