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genitals - request for a dream interpretation

Last night I had a totally weird dream.. I don't understand the symbolism of my dream so please help me to analyse it. First the context - 6 years ago I hired a guy for a day to help me with my project. We didn't keep any contact until couple of months ago, when he wrote me a message on instagram. We started talking and he proposed to meet up in order to catch up. My dream was about him. In my dream he was sad, a bit distant and told me he is wounded. I asked him how? Then he (OMG) took off his pants and showed me his genitals.. his balls were gone and his penis.. was like cut half or something (no bleeding - like it was cut long ago). I asked him how did it happen, but I didn't get any answer. On instagram we talk about many things like politics, history, art, music but we are not going deep into our personal stuff. My dream has no connection with something he told me about himself.

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Re: genitals - request for a dream interpretation

See what I have offered below and see how it fits. A response is requested {analysis are free/compensated by a response}

First let me paste what the Power of Dreams Dream Dictionary says what the genitals ’might’ represent in dream.

To dream of genitals represent your feelings toward sex and sexuality and your attitudes toward femininity and masculinity. It also relates to issues of commitment and pleasure.

This may relevant but genitals don’t always represent aspects of sex. Attitudes toward commitment in relationships or other aspects should be considered.

Since all dreams and dream images have at least two applications this may be how you ‘literally’ felt about the person. But it would also represent your inner masculine also. Possible attitudes toward relationships.

Dream Analysis {Broken down by images/actions and by sentence}

In my dream he was sad, a bit distant and told me he is wounded.
-a bit distant-aspects about your inner masculine that are distant, isolated, sheltered
-sad-learning from your disappointments in male relationships/with your inner masculine {inner qualities that are not balanced}
-he was wounded-distressed
-literal feelings about the person {in conjunction with the above}

I asked him how?
-seeking answers

he (OMG) took off his pants and showed me his genitals
-displays of temptation or sexual allure {on your part}
-showed me his genitals-your attitudes toward sex, commitment and/or pleasure

his balls were gone and his penis
-lacking raw energy, power, fertility or sexual drive

was like cut half or something
-something that is incomplete or unresolved

no bleeding-like it was cut long ago
-a lack of passion due to past experiences

I asked him how did it happen, but I didn't get any answer
-issues of self doubt you are unaware of or have repressed/suppressed


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