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one inch steel wire in my left leg

i dream, i got an inch steel wire in my left leg between the knees & the anckle, i can see the edge over my knees
i open the skin top to bottom and took it out and reclose it, no stiches, i was looking my leg & i saw like a heart beat just over the anckle i was thinking was infection, i open it and i saw a electric small wire start attach to my underskin form the bottom ( where was the heartbeat ) was a sensor look like and go around to reconnect to the sensor , & i reclose it and wake up , fisrt part of my sleep 9 - 2 am approx
if some one got idea thx for your time

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Re: one inch steel wire in my left leg

Have you recently experienced changes or events in your life that have caused an emotional imbalance? From the dream I sense you are a sensitive type person in need of emotional support. That need of support may be related to the changes or recent events. There may be issues of power and control and/or coming to grips with your true feelings. Personality and personal traits would be at the heart of your actions and reactions to the recent events/experiences. Those would stem from childhood, perhaps having issues of power and emotional support as a child. A possible association to those childhood foundations may be a hypersensitive reaction in seek emotional support when that support is lost {end of a relationship perhaps?}.


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Re: one inch steel wire in my left leg

hello sir , thanks for your time, i grew up spoiled, but no love really, mom & dad was shy & cold a little bit, on the over all, i am a rebel, i handle my life since i am a kid, ( my mom don't even know evrything), i am a eternal positive , 2 ex wife, 2 grand son, single since 2018 ,sometimes i will like some cuddle , but i am working on my business and me, because i got a explosif temper person background.
(my uncle & is father & warrior in past life) i am grateful,thankful,happy, mentaly strong, appreciate to be healthy, cold blood, comonsense,analyzer,profiler, observer, enjoy life as i can , in my life i had some restart few times, was destiny & i beleive in it , i try to go deeper in past life, try to go deeper in interconnection to people thought, not afraid of death, i will come back, i hope :) my biggest disapoiment its human being, how they can beleive in bull**** news,seasonnal flu kill more everyyear than covid, number thosen't match for a contagious one, wait when the real one come, it will be chaos, i am dispoiment from our gorvement who are no rescue plan except debt country ,who will pay the interest on debt ?
unfortunalty i am not here to save the world & i try to disconnect from imbecile human sheep.
if i got any others thought i will let you know ,
have awonderful day
& thank you very much sir

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