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Tarot Dream Interpretations

Involving Weddings:

Involving Being Chased/Running Away:

I just got my copy of The Encyclopedia of 20,000 dreams so there will be many many more to come!

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Re: Tarot Dream Interpretations

I don't normally allow outside sources to post their dream info but will allow yours. My site is dedicated to the science of dreams, Jungian dream psychology being the primary source. Metaphysics is a part of the psyche and although I do not subscribe to tarot as a science I do not dissuade others from investigating it. The same goes for astrology.

As for dream dictionaries, if they possess symbolic values then I consider them worth while. Dreams use a language of symbol and metaphor and focus on emotional energies. If the image is interpreted along those lines then they are valuable. Most 'commercial' dream dictionaries are useless in that application. My dictionaries are primarily Jungian based with the listings pointing to metaphorical referencing {as well as literal applications}. If the house is abandoned then look to aspects of the dreamer's life where abandonment is an emotional issue. Nature's tool to heal and protect the psych{ology}.


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