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Reoccurring dream/place/people with a new dream

This morning I had a dream. I havent had this dream before but at one point in the dream I distinctly remeber feeling a since of deja vu I'm regards to the people and the place I was in as if it wasnt my first time being there and meeting these characters. After waking up I realized at one point the dream started to morph with one I had maybe 7-8, years ago when I was a teenager so it really caught me by surprise.
I'll note in the dream where it starts to merge with the past dream I had. Can anyone help me decipher what's going on?

The dream starts in a building, everything is in grayscale. I'm standing next to a faceless nameless humanoid shaped blur. I feel comfortable. One of my coworkers Hector comes up to me and asks if he can go to lunch early. I reply that Idk I'll call Paul (our supervisor). I call Paul and tell him hector want to go to lunch early. Paul replies "Yes he can but he cant go to el Paso (TX)" I get the sense that hes frustrated saying it. I tell Hector, Paul said he can leave early but he has to stay in Las Cruces (NM) and not to go to El Paso. Hector says alright and leaves. Its 12:15 and I start to leave. Everything is now in color and I realize I have my Fiance Israel's phone because he forgot it when he left for a nail appointment early in the day. I get in my car and I start to drive. Its 12:15 and I pull up to a nearly complete white apartment complex. The entrance is flooded by water streaming downward in the street gutter. I pull in and my car recedes into the water a little until I pull onto the black paving of the complex lot. After some driving around I find my way to the innermost part of the complex park my car and walk to my cousin's apartment. I say high to some family members my cousin Carla and Veronica stand out as being figures present. Small talk happens and I ask for a charger as my phone beeps. Its on 1%. Luckily my cousin carla has one. I out it in and it begins to charges but stops. I look at the charger and it's not quite the right fit but I push it in more and my phone charges I leave it on the floor to charge. I put on a movie. In the move the thai actors I have watched in previous dramas are at a Fair. One of them happens to notice a dominatrix stand where the entrance is covered by a n opaque white plastic. A portion of it is open so he sneaks over and watches as the lady kicks, whips and spits on this man. I laugh awkwardly at this. It feels like quite a lot of time has passed but as I look at my phone it says 12:15 and its still daylight outside from what I can see from the window. I ask out what time is it confused. My cousin Faith whom is sitting on the couch knees tucked under her chin says "Idk I think 8," everyone else agrees and she looks at her phone and says "Yeah its 8:10. I panicked because i dont understand why only my phone has 12:15 as the time. Plus I havent heard from Israel and realize I still have his phone and I didnt go back to work. I rush to leave the apartment. And try to call my supervisor from my phone but there is no signal it's completely off grid. My phone wont connect at all. I pull out my old blockt touch screen work phone to call my supervisor. I'm panicking telling him I havent heard from Israel at all and I need to find him and I didnt mean to miss out on work. I'm really freaked out. He pulls up a few moments later and parks right in front of me in the apartment parking lot. He gets out angry. Yelling what are you doing. I said not to leave the area. I say I'm sorry and say to look at my phone I can prove it I have screen shots it was not working it says 12:15. It's still day light out and Paul yells of course it's not working this phone doesnt work in dry places like CA. And I apologize. I tell him sorry and that I'll look for Israel now. He nods okay and leaves in his silver kia soul. I go to look for my car but it's not where I park it. I'm panicked and I'm panicking searching for my car till I find it parked in the parking lot in front of the outermost apartments near the street. I get in my car and drive through the flooded area.
I arrive at place and enter the building I'm searching for Israel everywhere in this building. Its packed as I head to the back. As I'm searching I get this idea that maybe he called the apple help line to report his phone lost so I pass by a chef standing near the entrance of the building, exit and call the apple services from his phone. The lady on the line asks how I can help as I aimlessly walk. I tell her if anyone reported an lost iPhone. She says well of course I tell her. My fiance is missing I'm super worried and I hope he would call to report his phone missing as I have it and he left it behind accidentally. I'm still walking aimless and I travel into a large group of people in a darkened part of a city with tall building. They are all walking the same direction south and so I began to walk to. I feel like I'm in a hurry but now I cant find my car. But I spot a bike with a basket I get on and bike fast as possible, around people and crowds I bike past a black man but suddenly I realize I was supposed to be on the line with the lady from Apple. I search for Israel's phone in the basket of the bike its not there. I hear mumbling and notice it's in the pocket of a black sweater that's hanging in the front of the bike. I slow down to grab it and the black man on the bike pulling a basket behind him move in front and ahead of me. I pick up the phone and the line is dead. I stop and call back. I say I just called about my fiance and the lady asks what does he look like. I describe him to a T. As 5'6 a little over 120lbs almond shaped head with a square jaw chiseled. Dark brown eyes and olive skin. She says okay. And we hang up. At this point I'm off the bike and walking. I get to a part where it's mostly dark except for the light fading out from the direction I walked/ liked from. I reach and area where the street ends. There is open space with two black cables on either side connecting to another area. I walk up to the cable and a signs says if the app you are looking for is not located on the line please hold on.

/this is where this dream starts to merge with one of my past dreams from.years ago/

I step in front and grab the cable tightly in my right fist as if I'm holding on to the rod in a train. I zip line across and I look down and see another 2 other cables below taking people across but underthem is a black stormy clouded abyss. As I'm ziplining across i feel my arm going slack but i push through it and make into the orange glow of the other side of the gap. The ceiling is curved it's carrot orange inside. What looks like train or bus seats lines each side of the walls. I walk down the row. And stop in front of two girls standing next to a ball pit that goes downward. I recall that the time is 12:15 and ask these girls how do I get out of here. One of the girls looks at me and says "You cant get out of here" as someone jumps into the ball pits and spirals down it. I look at her and reply, "Well I do." And walk away. I walk down another aisle filled with the same seats and color and full on run seeing Israel my fiance shirtless behind a clear plastic wall. The plastic has a steaminess to it and hes is fully babbling behind the wall incoherently along with a bunch of other people. I put my hands against the plastic and scream for him getting his attention. I get excited as he notices me but he doesnt recognize only babbling and clawing at the inside of the plastic. He begins to sing lyrics to a song incoherently . As I scream "it's me Iz it's me." Suddenly a pretty lady with a single French from the top of her head and all the way back, black leather jacket with studs and black leather pants appears. I tell her I need to get him out! She says what are you willing to pay to get him back. I rummage through my pocket and pull out a gold chip and offer it. The lady says no that wont work. I tell her I have a samsung note and begin to pull it out but she cuts me off and says those are of no use here. She begins to say how about, but I cut her off and scream my soul! I'll offer my soul for him. She says very well retrieves a syringe and as I look into israel behind the plastic she stabs me in my back brow the shoulder blade. Its quick and feels like a pinch. She shows me the syringe and inside it is a small grayish orb suerounded in a blotch of blood. I look at her and ask inquisatively but I though I gave up my soul the last time I was here. As she unzips 5he plastic to get Iz out, she says looks like you've gathered a few souls over the years. I reply how. She point behind us and says ask that guy right there. And down the aisle behind us leaning into a row of seats was an older white gentleman in a black suit and white button up collar shirt with the top most buttons undone. He gave me a gentle welcoming smile and raised his hand to say hello. I akwardly smiled, raised my hand back, waved slighty and looked down quickly. Soon Israel was pulled out and I took a seat in a nearby row and placed Israel on my lap asking if he was okay. I feel relieved. He was still a bit incoherent but I could tell he was begining to recognize me and become more sane. I look back at the lady in black and I'm no longer in the the aisle with the seats, but stabding in what seems like a grocery store with Israel. We begin to walk down the aisles and I happen to notice a tan bear mascot. I walk past it slightly but I stop to look back. A sense of familiarity creeps up on me. As I recall everything that just happened. Israel keeps walking but I turn around and approach the mascot. I grab either side of the mascots arms and say "I know you dont I?" The mascot tenses up and shakes its head. I reply. " yes I do. I know you. You're that grim reaper " the mascot squirms under my grip and nervously says "I dont know what your talking about. I'm sorry" then I wake up.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 Male

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} No.

Re: Reoccurring dream/place/people with a new dream

I'll look at your dream tomorrow. Busy with many responsibilities until then.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

Re: Reoccurring dream/place/people with a new dream

I usually break down the images and actions in a dream and interpret them individually to arrive at a final analysis of a dream. With your dream I interpreted what I saw as the primary important images/actions since both were in longhand form and not a usual dream dialog as well as the time it would take to provide a complete interpretation of all of the images and actions {at least two to three hours}. I don't often include an analysis of current personal experiences {only an outline of the emotional energies} but I will go out on limb with your dreams. My final analysis is a s follows:

There are issues of power and control in early life as well as with relationship with Israel. You are or have been trying to balance love and issues of power and control in your relationship. In general you are in need of psychological nourishment due to unconscious programming from early life and your attraction to Israel temporarily provided the missing nourishment. But now you find yourself in a situation of love and control with Israel. You need to break the cycle {unconsciously driven} of both aspects {underlying issues from early life and relationship with Israel}. There is a need for healing from early life experiences related to psychological nourishment in order to understand and overcome any reluctance to make changes in your relationship with Israel.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 70 Altoona, Fl

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