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race with the devil

hi gerard ,felt i had to share this dream and understand a little more as to the content meaning,
i am holding on to a rope above a wooden platform that has just collapsed on the side of an ancient temple,(no going back now),the devil or a demon turns up below me and it realizes that i am close to the treasure ,which is in a room/cave in front of me.this stirs me into action as i realise i cant hang about,i swing up on a higher platform in front of the treasure room,i am met by a goddess ,we embrace each other and make love,as we do this the earth becomes like thickish water and we melt into it up to our chests,she reminds me about what i am here for ,namely
to get this treasure,(stay true to the quest and not become attatched to the passing moments)and tells me that i need to be quick.
i am aware that this devil/demon is on its way and that it has to take the long way round a spiral path,but i am moving up through the middle,(the middle way) ,, i know that the treasure is just a short step infront of me,i step on floor tiles with spikes in them waiting to shoot up into my feet,if i rush ,i know that all i have to do is tread carefully and with discipline,almost tai chi like , because this demon /devil is trying to get the treasure before me,i remember being told once that,the last few feet to the summit of a mountain ,are the most dangerous,and after all its only half way!
the day following this dream ,i was filled with excitement and hope as i really knew and felt that this treasure, what ever it is,is that close.
this dream was just like listening to the heroes journey by joseph campbell,especially the union with the goddess,
for all you dreamers,as jerry has often told me,if you have not read the power of the myth or any of joseph campbells work,do it,it will open doors that you thought were not there.
this dream has come at a dark time spiritualy for me
when i thought that all this searching was in vain,as campbell put it,
at the nadir of the mythological round you undergo an ordeal,and gain the boon you came for and this is symbolized as a union with the goddess of the earth,but as in my dream its not the end,there is more.
regards steve.

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Re: race with the devil

This dream is archetypal is so many ways. You will understand what I mean when you read my interpretation. The fact that you are conscoiusly aware of your spiritual journey, it fits right with who and where you are.

{Steve and I have corresponded many times about his dreams and his conscious awareness of his hero quest}.

holding onto a rope is the that lifeline you hold onto to when part of your artifical support {questioning, facing temptations of the materials world} has collapsed. the ancient temple would be your true spiritual self, the shrine within. the devil/demon is your opposite, your shadow. being close to the treasure is being close to the true self. the room/cave is the unconscious, something you don't quite see {in front of you}.

you can't hang about, you must proceed. the higher platform means you are determined to advance to a higher level of consciousness/awareness {treasure room}. meeting the goddess is meeting your highest potential, a spiritual/creative aspect {this is an archetypal image}. The earth {another feminine symbol for the natural, true self} becoming thickess water is transformation, and melting into the heart is finding the soul, becoming whole.

your goal is to find your true self, stay the path against all obstacles {goddess reminding you where you are, seeking the treasure}. the devil/demon, your negative self, is constantly letting itself be known {the first Buddhist saying, ' in life there is always suffering'}.
the rest of the dream reminds me of Percival and his search for the Holy Grail, especially since you mention Joseph Campbell:

Plagued with doubt, beset with travail, and tormented by temptation, he wanders through the wilderness for five years, steadfastly pursuing his quest for the Holy Grail. It's in the forest adventurous, Campbell reminds us, that we meet our advertures when we are ready for them. Our Grail hero is at last united with his brother, succeeds in his quest by virture of his noble character, and becomes the Grail King. Link: Joseph Campbell Collection Vol 6 Western Quest

Percival was so close but finding his true spiritual self {the Holy Grail} was fleeting because of temptations of the world. This is true in all our lives, especially in today's world of materialism and ego-centricity.

As we journey the hero path we encounter obstacles that we must constantly overcome. Whereas in mythology the hero finds the Grail, and lives happily everafter, in real life it is a constant rirual of trials and revelations. In today's world {which in the Buddhist myth is declining} the obstacles are even greater to overcome. The true Grail is when you reach the end of your life and see that you have indeed lived the life of the hero.

From Islam mysticism: When the angel of death approaches it is horrific. When he reaches you it is bliss.

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Re: Re: race with the devil

hi jerry,thanks once again for your interpretation,i think most of us know deep down what our dreams are trying to tell us,all thats needed is the key,the right words, when they are found,out it tumbles.i never thought in a million years that parsifal and the grail story would become such an immportant part of my journey,after reading campbell i was led to the parsifal myth,and i read HE by Robert A Johnson. understanding male psychology,there is even a SHE version by the same author,both using the parsifal story as an analogy for our own journey,it held a language i could understand.and i had to mention it as i feel it would be of great value to anyone who is struggling to understand what is going on inside themselves spiritualy/psychologicaly.
back to my dream,as i stated in my post,this dream came at a dark time for me,my demon has always been doubt ,and it has made me aware of how doubt can rob you of potential,i have,and i am sure we all have moments when we feel ,this journey towards our self is ,out of place with with the way life is being lived in the world at this particular time in our history,but i have learned through myths and dreams that its the other way round,that this inner life is the one that should be lived ,my dream has once again put me back on the trail and reminded me what i have to do.in the robert johnson parsifal story he stressed that the sexual union with the female/goddess has nothing to do with physical sex between a man and a woman, but is as you said,remaining true to your self/quest and not being held up by lower drives,the devil/demon of doubt being an example in this dream.
jerry,i value your interpretation,especially as it complements my own thoughts.
many thanks steve.

there is a place ,where all things come together,and a river runs through it.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 49

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