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hi jerry,i was thinking last night about simplifying our life ,by buying a house somewhere,with land and returning to growing our own food and being a bit more in tune with the rythyms of nature and seasons,i feel very positive about making a move like this,it feels so right .this morning i dreamt,that i was playing in a game of soccer but the ball which was a sphere of dough/bread, was being passed to me by hidden hands.
i end up standing in front of the goal with a free kick at it,i am handed the bread/dough ball,and i ask being new to the game, what the rules are,do i roll it,throw it,what!, the team captain says, that there are no rules ,its up to you.
i felt this dream complemented my positive feelings from the previous night,to be quite honest i feel it is where we should be going,and i remember again some of old joes magic words,that if you follow your bliss you will find yourself on a kind of track thats been waiting for you all along,i remember your words from your dream post,namely your waiting for the helping hands of fate to give you a bit of a push,i feel this was in this dream to, but as the great man said,the final act must be done by yourself,i see in this dream that the helping hands are available and that the means to instigate the achieving of this goal are or will become evident ,but what i choose to do is up to me.i would be interested in any thoughts.
regards steve

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Re: goal

Hi Steve,
Great dream and plan. Just a note to express I too have a similar goal and have found a way to support it. In a few years I plan to move onto a few acres to grow more of my own food and start a small market farm. Not sure about the UK but here the demand for organic heirloom (not genetically engineered) produce is greatly increasing. I prefer to eat food that has not been genetically altered. It’s part of my plan to generate an income source to support my goal.

If you’re interested in info check out www.cooksgarden.com. It’s a wonderful resource for information and seeds/supplies. I understand there may be international import regulations on seeds/plants but the site is packed with a large amount of info on heirloom varieties and how to grow them. I also utilize university school of agriculture websites. They have info and links on both farming and target markets like restaurants, farmers markets and creating a subscription service where individuals contract with you to supply their produce needs.

I tried several varieties of various heirlooms last year. Received positive feedback from friends and neighbors on the more flavorful heirloom varieties.

Sorry to be off topic...dreams. Perhaps this may be a small part of the 'helping hands' in support of your plan.

Kind regards,

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Re: goal

There is one thing old joe said many times that is a staple for my diet in living my life. And that is society should not dictate how you should live, you must follow the path that fits you. I have an ex-mother-in-law for whom I have been close for many years and she has always lived the simple life. And though she has suffered many losses {the FIRST Buddhist saying is there is sorrow in life no matter what}, having lived a simple life has always made it easier to live the life as she wanted. Another Buddhism proverb is 'to achieve Nirvana' one must overcome fear, desire and social duty {actually an old Joe saying}. By living the simple life, growing your own food, being in tune with simple nature, you have mostly eliminated the desire part {our culture is so material driven, or should I say SUV driven?}, and you also counter the social dragon {doing what society tells you to do}.
There are hidden hands, and they are in nature. The natural process of evolutuion provides help to those who survive, and eliminates the weak. Living within nature, in harmony and respect, you live as my ex-mother-law lives. She grows here own graden {best among the best} and thus has food to live on. There are cows {although I don't eat a lot of red meat} in her pasture. She has made her own milk and butter when she was younger. I don't davocate doing such radical things but your idea of getting back to the simple things, I say bravo, go for it.

I think Kathy has a good plan. My ex-mother-in-law grows more than she can ever use and it is a small garden. The excess can be sold and thus a source of income. Instead of processed food you are providing a natural food than is better for you, and anyone who buys it. You are giving, not taking. Score one for you, 0 for the dragon.

I can't stress the importance of the helping hands in nature than Joe Campbell speaks about in mythology. Campbell studied all the mythologies of the world and in all of them there recurring themes. One which came up time and again was the helping helps, something that provided you the resources needed to continue your journey, often at moment when you think you are at an end. All you need to do is stay the path, follow your bliss. And you will come to bliss. I thinks so, it works for me.

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Re: Re: goal

hi jerry,first i would like to say thanks to kathy for her information,the descision to try and get back to a simpler life style has come from my realization that i am not happy living the way i am,i realize i have missed the earth a lot and have been drawn away from her by the ,as joe campbell would put it,the claims of the system,i hardly new where the hell i was.i really feel that a lot of my dreams have been urging me in this direction,and if it is right for me i am sure the helping hands will appear.
i remember the movie field of dreams,and a section of it ,namely,there comes a time when the cosmic jugglers click into place and the universe opens up and shows you what is possible,and as joe said,and doors will open where you never thought them to be,i have faith in this.regards steve

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Re: goal

Hi Steve, I have a friend that had your same feeling 3 years ago, he purchased an acre in Valencia, Spain, so he moved from Kent..., now he has a variety of plants, flowers...., to support his way of living he has built a small cottages, so he rent them. That move from England to Spain is very popular....Another person i just met, she es from Vienna, at 22 she fell in love with the nature of the amazon, so he stayed there, now at 46, she has built a butterfly garden and an animal orphanage with her peruvian husband.To support her family he also teaches english and german at a university, you can see her at: www.amazonanimalorphanage.org
good luck with your plans!!
i am also planning to buy land in the amazon

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