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Stalled car

Hi Gerard – I had a pretty graphic dream last night and wanted your input.

It’s early evening, and I am leaving a small unfamiliar house on a corner and am about to get into my car (my car in waking life) across the street. There is a stalled car, very old and worn down, next to mine. Inside are 2 men, a blonde and a brunette, both 25-30 yrs old. I decide to help them and sit in the front passenger seat with the brunette at the wheel. The blonde is laying down in the backseat b/c he was drunk and had passed out.

The brunette guy keeps turning the ignition but nothing happens. I get the impression that it’s something simple that he is not doing, perhaps like pushing a button. I reach over and turn the ignition myself, and the car starts. The guy turns the ignition off again, and I am frustrated b/c I don’t understand why he did it. After several more tries, the car starts, and we start putt-putting a few feet down the street. I get out of the car and start to walk back to mine, but I run back b/c I left my black sweater in the car. B/c the car is moving so slow, I’m able to just reach in and grab it, but the guy turns off the ignition again. Luckily, the car starts again and he putt putts away.

It’s dark now, and I am sitting in my car, only to realize that it won’t start. A man, who looks like Tracey Morgan from “Saturday Night Live”, approaches the car. I realize my window is cracked open, and I can’t roll it up b/c I can’t start the car. I start to get very scared. He is talking to me, and puts his fingers over the edge of the window. I tell him that I want him to leave. He lifts up his shirt to show me his stomach and chest and starts doing this unusual dance. I realize that he must be drunk.

I see an older man, the electrician working on the house, coming towards me with his younger assistant. I begin screaming at the drunken man loudly, “leave me alone!” so that the 2 men will know that I’m in trouble. The older man looks at us, but only tells him to “knock it off” and leaves.

Now, I’m standing in a different driveway with the drunken man and his friends, one of them looks like Michael Rappaport. I now recognize him and his friends as people I know, but am just apprehensive b/c their behavior is drunken and unruly. As they are about to leave in his car, I see a small open cooler on the ground filled with ice water. I pick up the cooler and dump the water into his trunk, b/c I’m sort-of mad at him. His friends think this is hilarious and are laughing. He gets out of the car and tries to shut the trunk on my fingers to get me back. B/c he is too drunk, the door doesn’t shut all of the way, and I’m able to slide my fingers out from underneath the door. He tries again, and the same thing happens. It doesn’t hurt. Then he lies on the ground and passes out.
I walk back to my car, but it still won’t start. Then I wake up.

My analysis:
I may have told you in an earlier posting that I wanted to change jobs and move to a different city, primarily New York. Tracey Morgan and Michael Rappaport are both actors that I identify with being from NY. Perhaps I feel like my life isn’t changing the way I’d like it to (my car that won’t start), and the way I’ve chosen to fix it, is moving very slowly and perhaps not even what I really want to do(the car that I helped and the ignition being turned off again and again). I am scared of the part of me that wants to move to NY. My animus (the electrician) is indifferent? What do the drunkenness, the water in the trunk, and the fingers mean? Is my sub-conscious trying to tell me that I shouldn’t move or that my ideas aren’t clearly thought out? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Stalled car

If the car is stalled then so are you, probably in your decision about your move. When you, the feminine/intuitive self turns the ignition it starts. Your masculine aspect {thinking} turns the ignition off {wants to put off making decisions}. Perhaps you are putt-putting your way instead of making the final decision based on your gut feelings. You are thinking too much. The car starting and stopping is you in your undecided decision process. The electrician is the functioning brain {the brain is a series of electrical impulses} and being older symbolizes the wise self telling you to knock off all the indecision. Being drunk is not being able to think and act in a clear and functioning manner. Ice water cools things off, the intention perhaps again to cool the 'too much of a thinking' process. The truck is where you store items out of sight. Are there issues that you should look at yet put them off because of a desire to do so, one that may be an influence but you do not to wish to consider? Or are you again trying too much to think of reasons that will influence your decision one way or the other?
I think perhaps the dream is telling you to quite thinking so much about the move, look at all the possibilities and go with the one you feel most comfortable with. The intuitive feeling is always right. Indecision is worse than no decision at all. Weight everything and go with what is your first impulse.

Do all you can do and don't worry about the rest.

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Re: Re: Stalled car

Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed response, but I think you hit the nail on the head. I think the dream was telling me a combination of things. Mainly that I needed to stop thinking about it so much, but also that I needed to be more focused. So, I've done that and feel much more relaxed. I was really driving myself crazy for a while! Now I'm having dreams about driving... so we'll see what happens. Take care and thanks again for all of your help.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26

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