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I understand most of the following dream indicates a plateu as related to the Individuation Process. Does it also indicate a need to pause for reflection, that I'm trying to push ahead too fast? Or the opposite in that I should not pause and keep moving along?

1. Amanda is my daughter (18, opinionated,outspoken & sensitive). Stacy is Amandas' friend. (similar but much more superficial). Both seniors in high school.
2. Seven grain bagels are a favorite food.
3. I'm a 'helper' personality and many friends and relatives come to me for advice.


It’s morning, dark still, driving my car, arrive at bakery at 8:47am. I go in and the woman at the counter tells me they open at 9am. She tells me it’s ok, I can get what I came for since it’s almost time for them to open. Thank her for opening early for me, tell her I want a seven grain bagel for breakfast. She bags it & hands it to me. Again, morning, dark, driving my car, look at the clock to see it's 8:47 again. I’m early, again. In parking lot but don’t want to wait around or go in early again. She was nice yesterday but don't want to impose on her again. Decide to go help friends until they open. Drive by apartment complex, look left to see Amanda & Stacy walking on sidewalk. Amanda asks what I’m doing there. Tell her I was early & am waiting around for the bagel store to open so I can eat breakfast. Ask if they want a ride to school, tell them I’ll take them. Yes, they get in. Pull into parking space at apartment complex to turn around. I look for other cars before backing out. While backing out, three other cars backing out that weren’t there when I looked. Young man, one of those leaving, zooms by. Two other young men, I stop & wait as one drives away. The other waits for me to leave & I do. Driving, going to turn left. Stacy sees two policemen at the gas station across the street. I look across the street, see them. One is fueling the car with gas & one is throwing away garbage cleaning the car out. I laugh and ask Stacy what she's afraid of, I have nothing to fear. I’m now in the right front seat but still driving. Approaching exit, tell Amanda to put on the brake & left turn signal. Amanda stomps on the brake, stepping on Stacy’s foot. Stacy says ‘Ow, you stepped on my foot’. Amanda says ‘Mom, you should have told me sooner and not waited until the last minute’.

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Re: Breakfast

You may be pushing it a bit, seeking the balance in life {9 is a number for the Goddess, the superior aspect, the highest realm that one can obtain}. The bakery is where you prepare yourself for wholeness {bagel-the circle}. The second morning you are more attentive to your other needs {a positive requirement} and responsibilities {helping your friends}. The apartment complex is your complexities, different aspects. Your personality probably falls somewhere in-between Amanda and Stacy {not that you are superficial}. You are probably needing to put more emphasis on the goals you set for yourself. But when you are about to do that you have to focus on other things. The masculine aspect is trying to present itself into the equation {other responsibilities}. The higher attainment which you seek is being pushed by other responsibilities and your quest for Individuation {one policemen is fueling, the other throwing away garbage}. You are driving but other respsonbilities are also a factor {you steer, she brakes}.

I think what the dream is addressing is the conflicting responsibilities in your life as opposed to your desire to find balance and wholeness. The fact that you are working toward wholeness {nine and the circle} would indicate you are on the right track. But there are so many distractions. I personally can identify with this. As for pushing, maybe. But in the quest you should always proceed, not withstanding other responsibilities. It is the attainment of the quest that makes you a better person and although you wish you could put all your energy into the quest you will never neglect your responsibilities. Stay your course. Arriving early never hurt anyone.

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Re: Re: Breakfast

Ah yes, conflicting responsibilities & distractions. There's a feeling I have a real shot at getting it this lifetime. I think the reason I feel a need to push is so not to waste this opportunity. I'll continue moving along and work on achieving better balance between quest & responsibilities.

Thanks much!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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