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My incubated dream

Hello Gerard,

Before sleep, I asked for a dream about finding a partner. I garden for a living, the dream is two segments, here's what I got...

My Dad wants to take me somewhere, we are either on a boat or he wants to take me on a boat. It sounds like he is asking me out on a date, I'm Ok with this. My Mom gets wind of this, and is furious at him. She thinks he wants to molest me.

I am in the backyard of my childhood home. I see a lawnservice has already come in and patched and seeded the bare areas, I see plenty of new grass seedlings coming up. I am happily surprised at this, now I don't have to do it! I see a lime green weed in the grass, pull it out, seeing many long, stringy, white roots. I ask the lawn guy, "Is this rye grass?" then we simultaneously say, "No, it's fescue."
Also, there is a leak coming in the house from the outside. I go in and am surprised it is coming in mid-ceiling and going down the wall, and not just where the ceiling and wall meet, like I thought. My Mom's house has no foundation planting, I tell her she needs one, she says she wants "color" and I oblige, knowing she must have evergreens also. To the left of the front door is planting ground, but to the right is a concrete walkway. I think creatively for balance, that maybe I can use pots, or plant evergreens around the walkway, using red and white flowers on the inside of the walkway.

Thank You for any insights...


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Re: My incubated dream

First I would advise you to look at the first part of the dream and determine what underlying stimulus, if any, the molestation part has to do with your real life. Most often people in a dream are symbolic of aspects of the dreamer. But when real parents are present in a dream it often is an actual representation of them. The dream may be addressing a past relationship with your father and/or with your mother.

Childhood homes in dreams often address a period of time asociated with childhood. The backyard could very well represent unconscious contents {front would be conscious contents, things you are aware of}. Not having to plant your own seeds and cover the bare areas may indicate you have left this chore to someone else, or someone has done this for you.. Weeds may symbolize unwanted emotions or issues and the roots may be the roots to these emotions/issues.
The leak from outside may be information from the unconscious. Walls are barriers you can not see through, or a part of your whole foundation {that is leaking}. The foundation of your mother's home may be the foundation to your relationship with your mother. She wants everything to be colorful and you try to oblige.

I would look to the relationship with your mother first in trying to ascertain the meaning of your dream. Was your mother the type who wished things to be happy and harmoneous even when they weren't? What was your relationship with your mother/father as a child like?

Other than that, the dream could be addressing inner conflicts concerning personal growth. The mother can symbolize the highest self and by planting new seeds {new knowledge} you can achieve such growth. You may feel there is little foundation in your life that permits growth. The weeds {social obligations, relationships, responsibilities} may too many and prevent you from growing as you wish too.

If there are not any unresolved issues with your parent{s} then look to your inner life for an answer to the dream. Let me know your thoughts and we can expand on the possibilities.

As for your requesting a dream to answer the question about finding a partner, perhaps unresolved issues must be confronted first before you are ready for such a meeting.

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