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Exboyfriend and male child

I dreamt I was in a house getting ready to go out, my ex-boyfriend pulled up outside in a big red van(open back). I went outside into the well manicured yard with him to give him the male toddler that i was babysitting. I was dressed in white dressing gown/robe. The toddler was seated in a highchair outside in the thick of a hedge. He tried to go in to get the child at the same time the child was rushing out to meet him, i caught the child in an embrace and pulled the child out of the hedge. He was dusting leaves and pine needles off him and when he was done i gave him the child. We walked back out to the van together. While we were walking back there was a spirit lady dressed in red walking behind us, looming over us but her expression was supportive rather than disaaproving. I sense she was telling me someting but i do am blocking what she was saying. My ex-boyfriend left with the child in the truck, i went back into the house to continue getting dressed.

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Re: Exboyfriend and male child

Something within is ready to come out. Something that has to do with past experiences perhaps, and having to do with either anger, passion, sex {see red in dream dictionary}. On the outside you act as if things are fine but on the inside you are coddling your emotions. The emotions are still developing but barriers hold you back. Your masculine self is trying to show itself but your emotional side rules your actions. But you are succeeding in getting things in order using your intuitive skills but you are not completely satisfied with the arrangements. You are probably repressing certain emotions. You tend to give in to your emotions over this issue and are probably putting on a front instead of letting your true feelings out.

Look at your life and see if there are current experiences or istuations that fit the above. Let me know your conclusions and we can expand on the possibilities.

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