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Roller coaster dream

First both my brother and mom are dead,this is real life. Now in my dream which I have had 2 times. My best friend are on a roller coaster which is about to crash, my mom is sitting in the stands and tells me that she has heard my brother was in the first crash and I need to go and find him. My friend and I start to look for him, it's very wet and cold. I'm always stopped by police for looking for him. I can hear his name beening called over a loud speaker. Whats going on with this. It's driving me crazy.. Very very intense!!!!!!

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Re: Roller coaster dream

The best friend is a part of you, an aspect that you rely on. The fact you are on a roller coaster may symbolize that your waking life is on a roller coaster, so much so you feel it is about to crash.

Your mom in your dream may be telling you something about the relationship {past} with your mother {explore that aspect to determine what the relationship may be}, but it also may symbolize your feminine aspect.
The fact she is sitting in the stands may have to do with her personality {was she a passive person who watched and did not actively participate?}. It may also indicate those feminine principles you possess are being passive.
The first crash. Have you had instances in your life that are comparable to where you are today, where you again felt like a crash in your life was about to ocurr? Your brother may represent your true brother but may also represent your shadow. These may be repressed aspects about yourself that had not yet been acknowledged {finding your brother}.
Your friend and yourself looking for your brother may indicate a need to confront your shadow. Wet and cold may be your emotions {emersing yourself in your emotions}.
Being stopped by the police is probably a reference to something in your life that controls you. It could also represent something from childhood, an experience that still has control over you even today.
Hearing your brother's name over a loud speaker is probably your unconscious trying to tell you in loud and clear message something about this shadow self, something that may very well have had to do with your brother when he was alive. Look back to childhood to see if there is anything that may apply. Do this with your brother and your mother.

The first thing that has to be determined is what aspects your mother and brother play in your dream. Are they representative of the relationship with your mother and brother, an aspect of yourself, or both. Let me know what you think my interpretation. Be honest with yourself and look deep into the possibilities. Once we determine which of the above applies the better the chance we have in detremining what the dream message is.

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