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Mountain lion

Hi all,
One of my dreams from last night. All insights are appreciated.

1. Yorkies are pets of sister (Monte)and close friend (Max). Both have asked me to take their dogs. Already have two dogs, mom, daughter & ex boyfriend living with me. Trying to reduce responsibility, not increase it.
3. On my period since Saturday, heavy blood flow again this month. Could be a reason for the blood in this dream.
4. Rutting season starts soon. On my daily walk saw an antlered male leading a herd of ten or more females & young. Males have been separate from the females until this week. Made mental note to be cautious on the hiking trails until after rut is over.

At the farm house, both Yorkies, Max and Monte, want to go out. Open the dog door for them. Max runs off. Walking outside, looking for Max. On the trail along the creek now. White snow covered ground, winter bare brown trees & undergrowth. Don’t see tracks in the snow. About to turn around but decide to go a little further & look over small hill. Large area of blood soaked snow, so much blood, with large blood trail towards creek. Bright red, fresh kill. See snow disturbed, can see where the animal was downed, struggled, but no clear pawprints. Something large was killed here, wasn’t a yorkie. Turn around & begin walk back. Look to the left, on the hill right next to my face, more blood trail, see large paw prints of a mountain lion in the snow. The mountain lion that made the kill dragged the antelope up to it’s den. (Mental picture during dream of mountain lion, jaws clasped around the dead antelope’s neck, leaping up the hillside, then taking it into it’s cave.)Back at the farm house, Max came back, both dogs in the house now.

Many thanks!

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Re: Mountain lion

I believe what the dream is trying to communicate is a to find something of a masculine nature within you that has been lost, neglected or ignored. {Max running off}. It has to do with natural animal instincts {sex, survival, prtection, etc.}. This lost part of you is bare and not growing. You sometimes think about giving up the search but persevere and continue to look {being an animal instinct or trait that would be natural for you to do}. The snow covered blood may represent emotions that have to do with cold and anger, or perhaps sex. But a part of you has been wounded by past experiences, a very big part of you. Loooking back, and this may indicate a need to look back to your past, you can see what that aggressive aspect is that has affected this part of you. You find it hard to overcome the aggression that you feel toward yourself {even though you may be the victim} and you may have repressed it to your unconscious. There is still this masculine aspect within you that has not been resolved.

The fact you are on your period may have something to do with the symbolism of the blood but I don't believe it is what the dream is speaking to. I think there are deeper issues, emotional issues that have not been properly acknowledged. You mentioned rutting, so I would consider the sex aspect. I would look back in your life and determine what issues that have not been resolved. It may be your own aggression {a masculine aspect} or more likely it was brought on by either a male {mascuilne} or someone who shown aggression toward you that has caused deep wounds. Childhood experiences could also be a possibility.
Are there issues you have not resolved that linger and cause you pain?

Let me know what you think of my interpretation and perhaps your follow-up response will give more clues to your dream.

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Re: Mountain lion

Good insight! Your interpretation corresponds to the current stage I'm in trying to incorporate masculine aspects (competitiveness, ambition, aggressiveness in addition to a new one, survival) as discussed in a previous dream, working through childhood sex abuse and making several life change decisions including whether or not to pursue a relationship with an acquaintance. I’m hitting a wall on everything right now. The ego resistance is becoming frustrating. Sometimes feel like I'm backsliding but know I must keep trying. Any insight on how to, in the group Pink Floyd's words, 'Tear down the wall'?

I now recognize an oscillating passive/aggressive, good/bad model in my self regarding masculine aspects and sex. If I'm aggressive (it's good for women to be aggressive, compete, achieve, desire & enjoy sex) then creep in the passive (aggression, competition, ambition and sex is bad, women aren't supposed to have those qualities or desires) thoughts resulting in recriminations against the aggressive thoughts. See I need more work to find balance. At least that’s a start.

Forgot to post in notes that day the raccoon hunters were near with one of the dogs literally screaming. (They're usually on the south side of the park.) Sounded as if a dog or a raccoon were injured or in mortal battle. Thoughts about 'What is the fascination with killing' & how to apply a 'civil disobedience' action to spoil the hunt should they return to the north side which is a no hunting area. ****** me off! I wonder if this had affect on the dream? Were the male 'hunting' aspects I found repulsive related to what's underdeveloped or disliked in my own animus?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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