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Hi Gerard, I had this dream 2 days ago,i was in a large warehouse, with people inside, i assume buying and selling things, i was walking when suddenly i looked at two winds on my left side, and noticed it was water up to the middle of the glasses, somebody said they were sealed, so i continue walking up to the end of this market, and found a wide open door where i can see the land was wet, but there were no flood, so i walk outside..finish. i have no clue what this mean, do you?
thank you so much

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Re: flood

The warehouse may be a reference to your inner resources, the stuff you rely on to get you through life. The people are different aspects of yourself and you feel outwardly everything is normal. But when you look deeper {left represents the true path} you find unconscious winds {turbulence}. You feel your life is only half full {middle of glasses} and that you are sealed {doomed} to be this way. But you are beginning to look inside yourself {the market where you find nourishment} and you find an openning where there is less emotional turbulence even though there is still some emotions {no flood, only wet}.

I think the dream is telling you that by looking inside yourself {which you have begun to do by examining your dtreams} you will begin to find answers that will help reslove some of your emotional issues. The fact that you have begun to investigate th inner self is helping already with the outer emotions. Stay the course of the inner search and you will discover the treasures that will help fill the glass to the top.

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