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crowd of archetypes

last night i had a vision,i say a vision because i was awakened from sleep,and sat up with a start at 3am,what i saw was amazing,before my eyes in the room ,there was a huge crowd of archetypal figures ,king ,queen,trickster,shadow,wise old man various demonic figures,every type you could imagine from all myths and cultures ,the colours were brilliant,something i have not noticed in a dream,almost like mystical art,(what dreams may come)i looked at this crowd of mostly serious looking male dominated figures ,and a beautiful female dressed in blue,long black hair , native american in appearance steps out from the crowd,i did not know she was there,(lost in the crowd), she walked from right to left staring at me quite regally as she walked,she turned and smiled at me then the vision faded away.
anima,the femminine ,i hear you cry.and you would be right,what i find odd is,why was it not just a dream while asleep?why did i wake up and then have it,the vision/waking dream did not wake me up,i was awake!,
i can only think that i was meant not to forget as you sometimes do with dream content,this experience has left me feeling humbled ,as i feel i have glimpsed another world,that is right here now.
this is not an event that really needs to be interpreted as it gave me what it was.
i would be interested to know if any of you other walkers of the inner realm have had this sort of experience and its consequences.regards steve

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