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grandparents, full moon, cats, flowers, bride, ...


Here's the dream:

There were a lot of stray cats playing in my grandma's balcony while she was washing stems in the dark. - I don't know if this is important but my grandma hate cats. - It was full moon, cloudy sky. There were also a few stemless white flowers among the cats.
My grandpa was sitting inside, fingers crossed, focused. - He died when I was 12. - I sat by his side, laid my head on his shoulders and started to cry. He began to disappear.
Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I appear escaping through the window of a Catholic girls' school. It's snowing and there are a lot of military men on the street. - They even have a band along. -
I get to a house across the street. Inside is full of white and yellow flowers. Then this sort of red mythological figure shows up and ask me to marry him. He's wearing a crown of flowers.
Ok, now I'm a bride ( dressed in white ) walking by the sea, full moon again, it's really dark, and my nose starts bleeding.


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Re: grandparents, full moon, cats, flowers, bride, ...

Something about this dream gives me cause to believe it has to do with your menstral cycle, or a coming of age. And also having to do with your life at age 12 {did you begin menstral cycles at this age?}. The flowers have no stems. The flower {you} can not grow properly without a stem. You are trying to escape from something within you. You wish to be the flower again, be pure and whole but you know that part has been taken away from you.

Did you have any experiences as a child that involve sexual contact? Something has taken away your innocence, the purity, a flower with no stem. Do you sometimes have feelings of depression? Let me know your answer to this question and we can go from there. I may be way off base.

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