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Series of 3 dreams

Hi All,
Had these dreams last night/this morning. I feel they are all connected and progressive. Your input is appreciated.

1. Bob is ex husband. Split ten years ago was amicable, both knew it was over & ready to move on but still painful because I felt an extreme sense of personal failure.
2. Last time I dreamt of my dad (died 18 years ago) was the night a friend, Lee, died. In the dream Nelson, (waking life was a close family friend, died many years ago.) drove the car, my father & I in the back seat. Dad's arm around me comforting me, explaining death is not an end, we all continue on, to a very different existence, but not an end. In waking life I probably intuited Lee was very ill, progressively worsening & would die that night.
3. I dreamt of the brown robed man before. It was the night a friend, Carrie, died. He was the guide that led her to me to say good bye & thank me then on to the next dimension. (In waking life Carrie was very ill. In a coma for three weeks with acute leukimia & probably would not make it. Not sure how I knew she would die that night.)
4. Awoke from dream 2 breathless, heart racing. May be the prior dream connection of dad & the brown robed man with death. Had trouble falling back to sleep. Although in prior dreams both dad & the brown robed man are guides & protectors, in a positive aspect of death.
5. Awoke from dream 3 with a sense of content and peace.

1st dream:
I'm renovating the house Bob & I lived in. I’m looking at the area above the bathroom door. It’s falling apart, in pieces. I examine it. Pieces of white wall fall apart in my hands. I tell Bob that’s the next place to fix, showing it to him. He doesn't want to help. Tells me he’s leaving me, it’s over. We get into a big fight and he storms out, leaves me for good. I’m afraid, angry, hurt and crying.

2nd dream:
People hanging out at my house. I decide to walk home to visit mom & dad to find out if mom is coming to stay with me the weekend. Walking down the street, sunny day. When I get there my dad is sitting on the couch. I ask ‘Where is mom?’. He replies ‘She’s coming home soon.” I ask if mom iscoming to stay with me this weekend. He replies mom is coming this weekend. I say it’s Friday and she usually comes on Friday. He replies she’s probably coming on Saturday. I say goodbye turning to leave then begin the walk back home.

Walking home through streets, neighborhoods. I see someone & they’re pointing to the sky. I turn around and look up. I see 5 spaceships in the sky coming closer to the earth. When they get several hundred feet from the ground they hover and they change into giant robots. (Like transformer toys but giant.) They’re walking around spreading out from each other. Many people in the streets and yards now looking at them. We’re trying to decide if they’re dangerous but don’t know. They’re still far away from us & we don’t know what they are doing. I run home. By the time I get to my neighborhood one has been there. I’m on a street several streets away from my house, the short one next to Samantha’s street. A giant robot shot a large metal gaff hook with a rope attached to it into a house and pulled it off the foundation. People are milling around & some running around scared. I stop to talk to someone whose house was hit. They tell me my house has been hit, too. Now I’m scared. I run to my house. Dave is in the street, walking around. The house has been shot with a hook and pulled off it’s foundation into the middle of Route 62. I look at the rope and follow it up into the night sky. All the ropes are white, attached to the houses & go up into the night sky to a central place. I can see the white ropes leading up to a place far off in the sky ending where a white light glows.

Dave says we need to get out of there. I run inside to get the emergency supplies. Amanda is there. (A young age, maybe 5 or 6 years old.)She’s scared. Mom is there. Mom is packing her clothes into a suitcase. I go upstairs to my bedroom closet to get my backpack with survival supplies. The stairs are broken & dangerous but I climb up. The rooms in the house are mixed up and not where they should be. I finally find the closet & the back pack. I climb down the stairs. I tell Amanda to get extra clothes on, we have to flee, hide. I open the pack and dump the contents out on the floor. I know I haven’t prepared enough. I don’t have everything I need to keep us going. I hear people yelling outside. The giant robot is coming back. I’m scared. I grab the supplies from the floor stuffing them back into the pack. I tell Amanda to come with me.

We go outside. There are a lot fewer people outside now. A man is parked in a black car alongside the street. He’s someone I know. He motions to me to come over & get in. I look across the street to see another man in a car parked watching Amanda & I. The man I know tells me the other one is an alien and they’re taking people away. Further down the street I see a brown robed man/alien take Dave by the elbow & walk him to a car. The aliens look like us but have emotionless faces & are all dressed identically in black shirt, pants and long, dark brown robes (Fransican monk robes). They’re rounding up all the humans and taking them away. Dave yells at us to run. I tell Amanda to get into the car. The alien across the street is walking towards us. The man gets out of the car telling at me to get in & drive away. As I drive away the alien takes the man back to the other car. As I drive past them the alien watches me, staring into my eyes. Amanda in the front seat next to me. I know if we keep moving they can’t catch us. It’s night & I’m driving around, getting tired, looking for a place hide. We can see the big robot’s still pulling houses off foundations with the ropes that go up into the sky. People are running around in a panic trying to flee the aliens rounding them up. I pull into a parking lot & drive to the back. There are two tall propane cylinder tanks to the left and a very large tank to the right. I pull in between them to hide. We sit for a minute but then must leave when I smell propane gas leaking from the tanks. I think this would be a good place to blow up aliens. I slowly drive back toward the house to see if the aliens have left. The streets are almost empty now. We pass a large SUV/Jeep with an alien driving full of human captives.

Bright sunlit day, driving a dirt & gravel road, green grass and trees on both sides. An alien in a jeep approaches us head on. I must stop to confront him. He gets out and tells me he is there to get us. I get out and run to the front of his jeep. I yell NO!!!! and reach my right hand down, place it under the round bar bumper and flip his jeep over. It flips end over end and lands. I tell him we don’t want him here. I get into the black station wagon driving back to the house. We go inside, it’s still a mess. I know now we can’t evade them and accept the situation. Again I tell Amanda to get dressed in extra clothes because I don’t know if the place they take us to will be cold. I search for clothes to wear. I find a pair of jeans & put them on. Going thru the clothes closet I finally find a black shirt and am buttoning it when Amanda tells me to look up at the hole with the gaff hook in it. There are tips of giant, black, hairy spider legs coming through it. I think it's here for us. We walk downstairs.

Standing in a white kitchen with Moon and Hannah. I’m afraid for them, to leave them alone. They won’t have food and water when we’re gone. I get them a big bowl of water from the kitchen faucet. Then I open many cans of dog food putting them on the floor. They’ll be lost and alone without us, unable to care for themselves & may starve and die. I want to take them with us. The man alien comes in the kitchen for us. He tells me the spider aliens are here to eat the dogs. The man aliens are taking people away to a safe place to wait while the spider aliens eat the dogs. He tells us to come with him to safety. We go with him leaving the kitchen. I turn to look at Moon & Hannah knowing they will be eaten by a spider alien. In my mind I picture Moon & Hannah cocooned bundles, dead, on the kitchen floor. I walk out, crying.

3rd dream:
I’m sitting on the floor. (White floor, white walls.) Carefully stacking silver metal rings (like key rings but solid) in stacks. I must be very careful placing the rings on top or the stack will fall. I look around me at several stacks I already completed.


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Re: Series of 3 dreams

It may a couple of days before I can interpret all of your post. I have business that needs attention the next day or so {Social Dragon}. I do appreciate the additional info that you provided.

A quick thought on providing other information you 'feel' may relate to the dream.

After I make my interpretation the personal info you provided can help answer questions I may have about the dream. I normally first interpret a dream intuitively, viewing the symbols as metaphors and seeking their metaphorical associations or reference, then I look for the personal associations.

I also try to determine if the dream has more application to the personal or the deeper self. Since most posts and dream requests are by members between the ages 35 and 60 {mid-life stage}, a great number of the dreams deal as much with the deeper aspect, the issues of death, mid-life issues, the declining body, your past catching up with you.

Interpreting a dream is 'self-psychology'. The study of your psyche. Dreams are a direct link to the unconscious mind. No couch needed, no medical fees, your are the doc, and the patient.


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Re: Re: Series of 3 dreams

Please, take your time. I'm leaving town tomorrow for a business trip. I'll be back sometime late Sunday night. Had trouble with it this morning but I may get a better sense of the message if I look at this later. Too much emotion regarding the dreams this morning to see clearly.

I'll omit my personal notes in future posts to better facilitate your interpretations. Thanks for the heads up.

Many thanks,

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How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Central OH

Re: Re: Re: Series of 3 dreams

Your notes are very helpful, especially when I look at the personal aspect of the dream. Please include anything you feel relevant to the dream. I wish everyone one would do this. The more I know about the dreamer the better the chance of getting to the dream message.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 54

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How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Murfreesboro, Tn

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