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A driving dream

I certainly pleased to have found your site. The dreams and interpretations are profound. The following dream is the fourth in a series by an astrological client of mine. The first 3 were quite straight forward. This one is more complex and seems to float into the future a bit. I would appriciate your comments.
I am driving my deceased ( suicide ) brothers red car. I had to concentrate really hard to get this car to stay on the road. I was in the mountains, on the very edge, and was worried l would crash at any moment. It almost seemed as though l was trying to drive away from something and l seemed to be lost. I ended up in this small, unknown town, and stopped. It was abandoned, and l went in this store, and looked on this map. It was a very old map with only a few places on it, sort of like the ancient maps before the greater world was discovered. I was very close to the North Pole, but the town was sunny. I continued to drive and met this girl who l know. I asked her if she was driving, and she said that she didn't want to drive quite yet through a 9 hr. tunnel. Neither did l but l went anyway and it ended up being a very short tunnel. Then l was in another town, where there was civilization, modern, because there was a Tim Hortons donut shop. I was on the street and this man in a truck lost some things on the road. I went to pick it up for him. It was 2 Tim Horton coffees and some other building material and stuff. Then I was driving again and this was in the city, many lanes, four or five. I ended up in a lane where there was an accident, so l decided to switch lanes and move onto the next lane. There was this man in the middle of the lane trying to sell things. He stopped at my vehicle and was really pushy about selling me counterfiet credit cards, cheques, etc. That's where the dream ends. While l was driving in the mountains it almost seemed like l was playing a video game. I had to predetermine my next move so l didn't crash. It was like l had this perspective from the top. I was looking down and there was this dot, which represented my car, and l had to carefully plan out my route. The car was very shaky and l had no control over it but l did prevail and l managed to drive without crashing.

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Re: A driving dream

I will mostly limit my interpretation to this dream to the possible deeper aspects due to not knowing anything about the dreamer's personal life. I mention this because of the inclusion of a 'brother' in the dream text. If there is a real deceased brother who committed suicide {which I assume there is by the way it is stated}then the dream obviously deals with that personal aspect in some way. But my first impression {the intuitive self} sees something more to do with the dreamer's own deeper inner life. I may change my approach as I get into the dream but the first impression is usually the right one.

Driving the deceased brother's car may indicate the dreamer is going down the same path as his brother. Or there is a fear of doing this. The red car may be important and understanding what red may symbolize will help understand the condition of the dreamer and whether ths red is focusing on himself or the brother {if it is anger, is he angry at his brother or is there anger toward himself}. The brother symbolism may represent an aspect within the dreamer that is closely related to how he sees himself.
Having a hard time staying on the road is pretty much straight forward. Something is preventing him from staying a straight course in his life.

He is on the edge of something that is hard to overcome {mountains}. He is worried about crashing. This is probably a reference to his wkaing life, or an unconscious motivation that he is not clear about that is controlling {or attempting to control} his waking life.

Something in his life has been lost and he is trying to get away from it, not sure of what to do. This could be related to his brother's suicide. Or perhaps his own feelings about his emotional self.

He has discovered a small bit of information about himself that is unknown to him consciously. There are feelings of being abandoned. He is seeking guidance.
What efforts he has tried previously are not getting the results he wishes. What is needed is a deeper look within himself for answers.

North is in mythology the path of danger. It is the left hand path that we as humans seek to take in life's adventure. But it is full of dangers. Perhaps dangers on the inside that the waking life has fully begun to appreciate. Poles are the axis on which we revolve. Is he revolving on an axis of danger?

He encounters his feminine self. But he has not given enough to his superior side. He may be going through periods of short depression.

He looks to others aspects he possesses and sees hope. There are many many things in his life that are positive, that, if he could concentrate on these will provide him with balance in his life.

He has things in his life that are important to his path. He needs to pick up the pieces. He needs the companionship that will provide building blocks to fill the void in his life.

There are many ways in which he can continue. But he is afraid of ending up on the wrong road and knows he must change his path. He is undecided as which way to proceed. His inner turmoil is pushing him to accept the debts {guilt}he has placed on himself due to these emotions.


Either this person is having a hard time with his brother's suicide and/or he is having emotional problems that makes him believe his path will end up like his brother's. There may be repressed anger at his brother for what he did {the suicide}. Or the anger may be with himself for having these thoughts. Or both. Either way he is having a hard time dealing with his emotions.

I think he sees himself going in the same direction as his brother. Whether it is merely an unconscious fear or is real is undetermined.

He has tried to find remedies to his emotional distress {seeking professional help?} but none have been successful. There are dangers here. He may be in some form of depression, something that has not yet fully taken control of his life but has the potential.
There are things in his life that are important and some how he needs to focus on these. Bu he feels guilt, perhaps blames himself partially for what happened to his brother.

I think if there is enough evidence in your encounter with this person to indicate very deep emotional distress, he needs to seek professional help. If it is merely his pain over his brother then it may be merely learning how to deal with that. But I believe it is something deeper. These things tend to run in families. I go back to my original intuitive feelings. Better safe than sorry.

Would like to hear your feedback on this dream.


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Re: Re: A driving dream


That was a very acurate appraisal of the emotional world of this person. It is a rather young ( 23 ) female. Father died when she was 12 and brother committed suicide in her teen years. She is struggling with her direction in life and there are some choices to be made concerning money and power issues. Possibly giving away her own power for financial security and things she may do that will not feel morally right. I am to do a session with her in the near future and will go carefully into this hidden and secret area of herself. We have both acknowledged this area and the need to explore it. I will get back to you on this if it has some further dreams and more information to open it up.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 53

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

How Did You Find the Dream Forum? kaslo, b.c. Canada

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