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I am working in an office. I see my image in the mirror my hair is dark, shiny black and looking beautiful( my own hair is brown). Suddenly I see myself outside in a grove. I find a huge green, ripe apple I pick it up and give it to my boss and he returns it to me saying that it is mine and I deserve to have it. And then I realize that I am surrounded by huge apple trees laden with fruit some ripe and some not with a long stick I shift the branches and rejoice at the abundance of fruit.

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Re: apples

hi xara,it might be worth looking at the garden of eden scandal,but i feel this dream is talking about ,fruits of ones labours,looking at yourself in a mirror suggests introspection,reflection,how you see and feel about yourself,the knowledge you have gained so far on your journey, is starting to come to fruition,(take it you deserve it)the grove would represent an area of potential, for further growth.you know its there,you shifted the branches and took a look.joseph campbell once said,sometimes you get a little intimation of where your bliss is,grab it!
regards steve.

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Re: apples

This dream seems to be addresing some personal aspect that concerns growth and perhaps specific desires. As Steve stated in his comments mirrors refect aspects about the dreamer. The refelction here would be of a desired change that would make you, or something in your life more attractive.
The grove outside yourself may refer to something in your waking life {perhaps business life} that offers growth and prosperity. Apples often represent temptation and green is promising prosperity of that temptation. Giving it to your boss may refer to something in your persona life, but would also symbolize providing this seemingly prosperious thing to your own decision making mechanism for consideration. This is something that is within your abilities and something you have worked for it, or have a desire for. If right choices are made there are abundant rewards awaiting you but there is still some effort needed to achieve your goals.

Is there something within your life that you wish for and now may have the chance to achieve? This dreams seems to be addressing something you have a longing for, something very tempting but also something that requires effort on your part to finally achieve.

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