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Dead bodies


I had a dream a couple of nights ago. I go into the garage (at my house in waking life) and there are 4 dead bodies (men) in there. They are not bloody, or anything, just dead. I know that the dead men are there because a serial killer was on the loose, and that the serial killer placed these men here.

3 of the men of lying on the floor, but one of the men is hanging from the ceiling, on some kind of platform with wheels, similar to what a mechanic would use when working on a car.

There is a detective there, and I am showing him the garage. He tells me to go inside and he will take care of it.

I go back to the garage, hours later, and the detective is still there. All of the bodies are gone, except for the one hanging from the ceiling.

I say "Hey, what about him?" and the detective tells me that they must have missed him. Then the dream ends.

I know that a garage has some kind of significance, but I'm not sure how to interpret that. Otherwise, the dead men are parts of myself that I'm now getting rid off? What about the man who was hanging from the ceiling?

Thanks Gerard

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Re: Dead bodies

A garage in this instance may symbolize dreamtime and/or unconscious contents. You park your car {yourself} in the garage at night for storage. You put it out of sight. The 4 men my represent the masculine qualities that have not been used or recognized. This aspect is not functioning as it should. Serial killers may represent something within that is changing you systematically, whether you want it or not. The number 4 symbolizes balance {in Jungian thinking} and without the use of these masculine aspects you can not achieve that balance in life you wish for.

The 3 men lying on the floor represent part of the masculine aspects that are required are for proper grounding. The other masculine aspect is that of the intellect, which is not working as it should.
The detective is your own investigation of these qualities. You must go within {psychologically} to discover them.

The one thing that is still missing is the intellectual masculine aspect. It is something you are missing. When in contact with men, especially men with strong personalities, do you find yourswelf feeling inferior?

I believe the dream is trying to communicate a need to better utilize those masculine qualities within your psyche. The dream could also be addressing specific men in your life. Three of them have been discovered and put in their proper place in your life. The 4th has not.

Intellectually you may feel inferior to men, or a particular man in your life. Is there such a man with whom you feel this way? Masculine qualities would be needed to combat this particular person since he would have strong masculine qualities.

As for the questions about the last dream you posted. If there are not unresolved issues with your real father then the dad symbolizm would be addressing a higher aspect of your masculine qualities. That would fit with this dream and my interpretation. Your changing jobs would definitely require a strong will. Have you been up to the task?

Let me know your thoughts and we can expand on the posibilities. There is definitely something about masculine qualities your dreams are trying to present to you. Whether they are merely aspects of your own psyche, or actual men in your waking life {most likely both} needs to be determined.

Hope your computer is feeling better. I know when mine is on the brink I am a person without a cause. And here I am trying to combat the social dragons.

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Re: Dead bodies

Hi drshell
A garage also has connotations of - shelter, rest, somewhere where repairs are done (out os site) ,,, somewhere secure
Best wishes

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Re: Re: Dead bodies

That's very interesting...far from what I was thinking it might mean.

I can't say that I really feel inferior to any men, not in my nature to to feel that way towards anyone. I'm leaning towards the possibility that maybe I'm not recognizing or utilizing a masculine part of myself.

About my job search, I have definitely taken more steps and been more proactive about doing things. But the computer issue has definitely put a hamper on my progress... which has been driving me nuts by the way! But still, I'm sure that I could be doing more.... so maybe I need to take more initiative or start doing more "masculine" things. Relating this to the boat dream, maybe I know what it is I'm supposed to realize, but am not comfortable with it, and am choosing to ignore it.

Still not sure what it could be, but will definitely give it some more thought.

Thanks again for the wonderful/insightful advice!

*Also, I noticed on your profile that you are a pisces. Happy belated birthday!

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